#14 Jordan Ridley - this AFL thing is pretty easy


I liked the look of him today. Has neat disposal, seems to read the play ok and makes smart decisions. Potential best 22. Looking forward to the club trialling him forward, botching his development and just ruining the kid in general over the next few years.


Ridley vs Witherden


No comment on Baguley calling him “laconic”?


Blitz, you disappoint.

Though I think Bags actually knows what the word means.


Watcher Ridley twice in the VFL this month - Has a number of AFL attributes and should play 200 games for EFC.


What’s his pace like?

He seems to have great kicking, marking and reading if the play. Certainly can find the footy.


Looks decent enough, not breakaway quick but he’s smoooth


Blitz. The place where we’ll say a bloke will play 200 senior games based on literally nothing


That being said.

Lav 300 games, mckenna 250.


Well, literally, it is based on watching two VFL games that obviously impressed him.


Yup. Was a bit surprised we bypassed witherden at the time. Highly-touted guy who’d been injured most of the year would seemed to have fit Dodoro’s philosophy re 2nd round picks pretty well.


Nah, I thought a McGrath Witherdon combination was unlikely. Although I was on the McCluggage Witherdon duo.


Given the poor disposal skills we are seeing in the AFL side lately, I am looking forward to Ridley making accelerated progress over the pre-season. Ideally he will put on some size and strength in the next 6 months. However, I dont think he is a Baggers replacement, thats another story.


Blitz. Apathetic on laconic.


Smooth is all you need. If you’re tortoise-slow, you need some significant other attributes.


Yeah…don’t really care about the apathetic, and haven’t got much to say about the laconic bit either.




Laconic, that…


Didn’t know he was Greek.


Did we say Christian Bock will play 200?


I literally know fk all about him. How has his vfl form been and what position is he playing, half back?