#14 Jordan Ridley - this AFL thing is pretty easy


Has been eye-catchingly good a few games, dropped off a little the past few. Classy. Tall. Looks to read it well. I’m with yaco (maybe not 200 but looks a player).


Half back.
His disposal is excellent. He reads the flight of the ball well, good intercept marker. As hap says he was very good in the first 2-3 games back, but his possessions dropped off at about the time francis went down back which may or may not be a coincidence, but his disposal remains a strength.





What type of role would he play at afl level. Is he more a 3rd tall type of defender or could he play on smaller types and run off half back? A Kelly replacement perhaps?


Gleesons role, but better imo.


A Jakey Lever type ?


I’m undecided about him. He plays like a skinny CHB but he’s too short for that role at AFL level, probably at VFL level too. He might develop into a James Kelly type flanker but probably not a Gleeson one (I haven’t seen him run off his man once so far).


It wasn’t based on nothing.

There was that photo of the great low mark at Skinner Reserve during the pre-season.


Maybe play a Mackie type role?


He’s an enigma.


He’ll play the Ridley role.


Todd Ridley-esque.


I’m still puzzled by him.


He never has a cross word to say about anyone. Nice kid.


Any chance of him becoming a rangey wingman, somewhat like Blumfield perhaps. Too tall?


I think he could, Versatility is this mans middle name I reckon.


Bigger and stronger too, I hope.


Reckon Windy Dill got it right when he said he had a bit of the Wellmans about him. I thought that pre-season too.

Could see him moving out of the backline - I wonder if I can put on enough bulk to play mid? Disco said that after drafting him but I get that every player is mentioned as a midfielder at some stage


He will be a very good player for us, just a beautiful kick.


He’s grown. How tall has he ended up?