#14 Jordan Ridley - this AFL thing is pretty easy


I think that redman will play a lot of games off the HBF or back pocket next year in the seniors. Lots to like.


How old is Gleeson, seems like he’s been around for years.


I remember seeing draft analysis on BomberTV last year, and disco said something along the lines of “he could be the best kid from the draft”

It was either Begley or Ridley. He mentioned it regarding who we picked up in the 2nd round.

From what I’ve seen of Begley he absolutely has the traits to become the best from his class. Haven’t seen enough of Ridley


I think it was Ridley


Yep, Ridley.


23 I believe.


Wasnt it the Ridley pick.that they had to ask for extra time to make a decision? And yet he could be the best?!


He has.
About 4.


Gleeson came to the club prematurely, there had been some growth deficit in-utero and this contributes to the impression that he has yet to reach puberty. However, I think his performance in the final shows that he actually benefited from playing in the 2014 final against North Melbourne in his first year at the club.

Marty will help Ridley move into the backline in round 1 2018… Ridley needs to bulk up a bit and learn to handle the physicality of AFL, but his excellent disposal means he will be a good outlet/rebounding player from 2018


Martin ‘the fetus’ Gleeson is merely a poor mans Ridley


It looked like we had a plan to take midfielders but he may have been too good to pass up. Witherden was picked not long after and he also looks a gun.


I recently watched a final in which 21 Bombers players looked like a poor man’s Gleeson!


When Ridley came back from his spinal stress fracture injury, he played 2 absolutely outstandingly good games in the VFL. Massive numbers , then fell back into the average for the rest of the season.

At his best Ridley is way better than VFL level.

Which begs the question, why didnt he sustain that form ? ( DJR ?) because if he did he would have gained AFL selection on the back of it after another couple of weeks…


Can he run through the midfield?


He can run from the backline all the way through the midfield to the forward line and kick goals.


The DJR Point System™ says his third game ranked highest, and the fourth and ninth ranked very similarly. It also says his average score was 3% better than the much-maligned Francis.

He won most stats in the head-to-head contest. The most notable contrary notes to that were in the named-in-the-best stat (never, versus Francis named in the best six in half of his games) and the percent of marks that were contested (8% versus 30%).

It may not surprise you to learn both had their lowest scores in the losing final… though Francis was on the way to a decent tally and dragging us over the line before injury intervened.

(Seriously, a skinny key-position-ish player only gets onto the field in June of his first year, and you’re deeply shamed that our crack team of selectors foiled his every plan?)


(The DJR Point System™ was only invented tonight, but it has a spreadsheet and everything.)


The Riddler showed massive improvement throughout the half season he had available. Plenty of room for improvement. He looked great as a swingman when he went forward vs Footscray at Windy Hill late in the season; kicked a goal and just missed another. He looked very threatening and reads the play well. He’s quite an exciting player when he’s switched on.




Always seen him as a Grant Birchall type, silky foot skills, tall-ish but not really a KPD.

Will be excellent if he could demand his spot and play 10-15 games in the seniors on a HBF.