#14 Jordan Ridley


You seem to have somehow forgotten this thing that happened.


Amy Acker and Morena Baccarin are 2 of the most magnificent specimens ever!

Put LAV to shame!


Sounds like a Wallis special.


Which reminds me, it’s been a couple of years since I binged Firefly. Spaceships, dry quips, Companions and gunplay. And mustn’t forget Summer Glau. Comfort food


Season three was peak hotness for basically everyone.




I always kinda preferred cordy on angel


Which season though? It matters :slight_smile:


Season 1, when Doyle was having a crack.


Can’t answer that off the top of my head but I liked the shorter darker hair


Just trying to work out if you guys were into psychopathic or dead Cordy. Charisma is always hot.


FFS! they can still, and have been developing in the VFL. When they are better then those you listed or even level pegging with they will be played. So sick of this have to get games into the kids crap. Sometimes it can actually hurt there progress by playing them in the AFL if they are not ready. Lav was a prime example, a couple of games back from injury, played well in the VFL, got put into the AFL to early, didn’t play well, and lost his confidence. Then people on here saying he is no good and wont make it. People need to be more patient. Games should be earned, not gifted.

These kids are playing well in the VFL but are hardly tearing it up.


Ridley working hard along the Seminyak beach this morning with Redmond. Thumbs up and smiles at my ‘Go Bombers’.
Working in the soft sand high up the beach. Good work boys.


Having that view is fine. But even if you have that view, that does not mean Stanton and Hocking were gifted games.


Yup. I would’ve picked him for a few this year. Perhaps if he hadn’t had the injuries he would have played AFL. Suspect we’ll see plenty of him next year.


I reckon there’s some situations though. You don’t hear many kids say " I didn’t learn anything from my afl debut, it was exactly like vfl".


I don’t disagree with that.


The good thing is that given the plethora of these types drafted - it is likely now that at least a couple will come through as very high quality. We hope.


Good stuff . The Bali Low Altitude Training fitness plan. Sure beats the Denver Fitness plan for most young Aussies. I guess Bintang beats Samuel Adams . That might be the main motivator.


I have a good feeling about Ridley, can see him getting a lot of games in the backend of next year as a neat, smartly composed mid defender.