#14 Jordan Ridley


Some pics from throughout the season. He looks to be filling out nicely. KP size with good skills. Depth and competition for spots is a fantastic problem.

23 Sep

2 Sep

26 Jun

9 Jun

31 May About to debut after being on rehab for so long.

19 Jan


Really pleased with how this bloke developed this year despite his injury. How tall is he now? When first drafted he was big bodied midfield height, now he seems that awkward slightly too short for KPD size.


The AFL site has him at 192cm’s but he definitely looked taller than that to me.

I suspect he’s up around 194-195. The ideal height for the modern tall defender.


Off-topic, but The Langford definitely won that smiling contest.


Its what the humans taught him to do.




A bit of a forgotten man this one, and from what I saw/read about in VFL has talent. Probably not room in the 22 for him and Francis, but I’m very excited to see what Ridley can do.

I also notice on the internet services that he has been spending a lot of time with Heppell, having coffee together one on one and doing boxing sessions. That’s a really positive sign that he is committed, but also Hepp has maybe identified him as someone with huge potential and is taking him under his wing.


Has potential to be the best player from his draft pool.

If he gets close to McGrath then blimey.

I see him developing into Goddards role, utility of all utilities.


I don’t think he’ll play as a tall defender no matter how tall he ends up: Mackie / Birchall style rebounder who can also intercept.




Sean Wellman.


Gee wouldn’t Wellman be absolutely perfect for modern football?


Really excited to see this kid get a go in the seniors. hes looks a cut above the rest at VFL level. i wouldnt have been surprised if he was pushing for selection at the end of the year if it wasnt for his back injury. our 2016 draft crop looks really promising.


My good, you’re right


Having a good pre-season


I see so much of this in Ridley


Essendon defender, Jordan Ridley, will see a specialist this morning after suffering an ankle injury at training last week.

High Performance Manager, Justin Crow, said the Club is positive he will be available for selection round one.

“Jordan hurt his ankle at training in a tackle, he will see a specialist today and we are optimistic that he will be available certainly for round one and possibly JLT,” Crow said.

The specialist will determine whether the 19 year old will need to undergo surgery later today.




Take club announcements like this with a good dose of scepticism. Too many times in the past the club says player X’s injury is not so bad and will be back soon, for them to be out for ever and a day.

When they are back they will be back. Good luck to him.


Surgery V Round one. The two sound mutually exclusive to me. If it is surgery then we can expect a similar time frame to Laverde last year, and that did not go well, in terms of time taken. Fingers crossed The Riddler doesn’t need surgery.