#14 Jordan Ridley


RIP in peace


Not when he means Round 1, 2019!!!



If it’s similar to Lav, the one positive is that he’s done it a couple of months earlier


Lavs injury was pretty unusual so it’s unlikely to be the same.



Showed so much promise.


Ridley’s Believe It or Not.


I’m farked up in Vang Vieng, but i’m predicting Ridley will recover quicker. Less lady boys to worry about.

I think I’ve corrected the typos above…


He bounced back very well last year after a bad back injury. Hopefully does the same this year. Hes a serious talent


Presumably we should get an update here shortly regarding surgery or otherwise


When he was injured last year they said he put on something ridiculous like 7kg of muscle during that time. He is still skinny, so extra time pumping weights might not be a bad thing for him this year either.


Unfortunate but thankfully wasn’t an established best 22 player.

Hopefully recovery not too long and as other have said, won’t do him harm focussing on upper body for time being.


I don’t want to start a run on panic dollars but:

Is it true that a bloke wearing a black suit with tails, donning a black top hat with black ribbons and driving a black stretch station wagon complete with chrome roof rack was seen taking Ridley’s height and shoulder width with a tape measure?


You know how you pick the gender of a lady boy ?

Afterwards …


Essendon Football Club defender Jordan Ridley’s ankle surgery has been a success with the young Bomber set to return to full training in February.

High Performance Manager Justin Crow said Ridley’s recovery had started well and Bombers fans can expect to see him ready to go at the start of the season.

“He had surgery on his right ankle on Tuesday and it went very well,” Crow said.

“He should be progressing back into full training in six to eight weeks.”

Ridley was selected with pick 22 in the 2016 NAB AFL Draft and is yet to make his senior debut


Great result.


Phew! Must have been minor surgery, for such a quick predicted recovery. Bullet dodged.


Wot? A bullet dodged would have been no surgery and imminent return to training. Not surgery and a 2+ month wait to get back to training.

Unless you think dodging a bullet is like anything less than amputation.


With our history of mysterious ankle complaints the norm would have been one months rest, one month of attempting to train before the inevitable flare up, followed by major surgery and a return to training in July in time to play three underprepared games at the end of the year.
Hence bullet dodged.
If training at start of February great result.
End of February it was only a flesh wound.
Thanks Crowey.


The critical word is “if”.

With our history of playing down injuries, and incorrect prophecies of early player returns, is why I said 2**+** months off.


Medicine is different in asia.