#14 Jordan Ridley




Considering initial rumour suggested he could be out for 6 months, I think “bullet dodged” is a fair call.
As it stands there is a fair chance he could get the equivalent of a solid pre-season even if that means delaying his start to the season by a few weeks


OK but I prefer to see what happens before shouting hallelujah


Recovery time from an operation tends to be much more predictable than the “rest it, and hope it comes good” option.
Most of our clubs poor injury predictions have been to do with the second option.
That, and Crowe’s rehab / fitness skills, are why I’m happy about this outcome for Ridley.


I’m with Albert on this. We’ve seen it happen too many times, either through taking the incorrect option or just because faeces happens. Until a player is back training/playing fit and healthy the outcome is not know.


All true about our injury record over the years.
However, since Crowe has been in charge we have been much better with both prevention and recovery. One example was Laverde’s foot injury last year, which, from the opinions of some in here who know about such things, was potentially career threatening. His form at the end of last year was only fair, but that he was playing at all, with no issues with his foot, was a very good result.



Unless you mean the one in purple with question marks painted all over it?


No surgery would have been a miracle. l was thinking more in terms of a comparison with Laverde. On that score if Ridley is back in training by February he will have dodged well and truly.


Different injuries


I love how the surgeon always bounds straight out of surgery declaring it a success. Every time.
No one will know if a surgery has been a success until down the track.


My surgeon came out of surgery saying “I’ve ballsed it up”. And yet my vasectomy works perfectly.


I hope you didn’t go in for ankle surgery too?


My vasectomy didn’t really work, it only changed the colour of the babies😜


What is the go here? I know he was out for an extended period of time but he wasn’t mentioned on any of the injury update reports. Is he tracking well? It sounded like from some of the commentary at the intra club that he may be close to joining in training again.


Knock-itis I believe.
Out for 12.


Rate this kid. 200+ games in the red and black.


Yes just from what I’ve seen at a couple of sessions he is training at a fairly high intensity now and must be very close to joining the main group.


good to hear


Essendon fc - where your fans will rate you a 200 game player before you debut, based off a few vfl games in between being injured


Optimism is better than pessimism though.