#14 Jordan Ridley


It’s a fact that the less games you play, the better a player you will be.

e.g People rate Riddles, but not Langford who has played at AFL level. Courtney Johns was the Messiah until he played his first game.


ridiculous optimism isn’t


True…Unless it’s the lid orf thread.


Not entirely fair. Nobody is saying Clarke will be a 200 gamer…


When we got him i tipped him to be our carlise replacement. But looks like theyll play him back then into the midfield when he gets fit.

I do highly rate him though, but im driving the train, jump on if you dare


Optimism and pessimism are states of mind, whereas ‘realism’ is either reality, or a personal perspective of what reality actually is.

In the first 2 states, it isn’t difficult to understand which is better to be. An optimist will feel great about being right, and be positive about being wrong, hoping for the best, or outcomes to turn around for the better. A pessimist will feel ■■■■ (or vindicated) about being correct, and if wrong, will still feel like crap because they won’t believe it will last. Basically, optimists are usually happier, and less insecure about a positive status. Pessimists tend to be more depressed and worried.

Realists are almost always 'self-proclaimed and are usually just one of the previous two. A true realist is probably a psychopath.

In my opinion.


*quietly adds Deckham to the list of people smarter than me.


Clarke will be a 200 gamer. Your statement is now factually incorrect!


From that fount of all knowledge:

  1. There is the Pessimist who believes the glass is half empty!

  2. There is the Optimist who believes the glass is half full!

  3. Then there is the Realist who knows it is just half a ■■■■■■■ glass!


Thanks Freud.



As per behavioural analysis studies, humans have big emotional reactions when outcomes don’t match expectations. In either direction.

So an optimist will always be expectant, and frequently those expectations won’t be met, making them a sad and despondent mess.
A pessimist will have low expectations, which are frequently exceeded, so they will live in a happy place where things are frequently turning out better than expected. And when they don’t, at least they can say “I told you so”!*

'* I may or may not know what I’m talking about…


Suppose it’s better than being negative like you 24/7.

  1. There is the practicalist who believes the glass is the wrong size!

I got lots of weird looks when I said that at one of those touchy feeling team building sessions at work.


I don’t agree with that, but I started this in the wrong thread, so I’ll leave it for elsewhere.


Are they the people who say, ‘This is supposed to be my glass? I don’t think so. Excuse me! You’ve given me the wrong glass. Mine was full, and it was a much bigger glass.’


What’s his expected return date, any chance for R1 VFL?



Anyone know how Rids is going?

Have high hopes for the kid.


He’s been training, so I expect that he is catching up with the rest of the team with regards to fitness and loads.


Taking the Ridley as a replacement for Gleeson discussion in here as promised.
For those saying Ridleys not ready / has no form in the Twos.
Was seriously pushing before a late injury last year interrupted his run.
The Twos haven’t started Doh!
Would have been in JLT 1 at least if not for the pre season injury.

As with all debutants you’ve got to start sometime.
Yes he’s not ready quite.
But if we’re serious about turning into a top 4 side then he offers much more in the medium to long term.
Dea could fill for a week or so but his limitations are obvious.
Brown is a KPP - would be horribly exposed against medium or smaller players. Gives no run overlap drive out the backline.
Watched Ridley last year - holds up well against both smalls and third talls.

On the same basis as all those arguing for Langford Laverde Begley Guelfi etc, Ridley has shown more for the available spot than any twos player outside Mutch as an inside wing / Zaharakis replacement.

Give him a few games playing alongside quality backs and at the very least he’ll be clear about what he needs to work on.
Win win for the club.


He’d blow up after a quarter. Would think he needs a bigger fitness base