#14 Jordan Ridley


Possibly, though I have some faith in Crowe and he’ll have been training for six to eight weeks by round 1.

I’d also refer people to Jackie’s last training report wherein, although he “doesn’t like to single blokes out”, he did so re Ridley.


For round 1 the opponent will have four tall forwards, so it may not be the solution for the following weeks. Also, no VFL match next week to expose any form.


Class act, but not ready


So… a smokey for round 1?


Even with the current predicament I would be very surprised.

Woosha has a pretty clear hierarchy system where he goes with what he knows. That means Brown and Dea.

Ridley has had an injury interrupted preseason and still has a lot to work on in my opinion.


Makes Marty Gleeson look like The Incredible Hulk. Not ready physically, but I do have high hopes for him given how he’s played in the VFL. A very cool customer…


If it wasn’t for the interrupted pre season he’d be well in the mix given injuries to key backs.
Don’t forget some clubs last year ( Doggies for one) threw undersized tall defenders in to great effect.
Ridley has a similar strength in reading the play intercepting, and disposal.
I believe he’ll play better in the firsts than the Ressies.




I’m a big rap for this kid. Smooth as silk.


Anzac Debut


His name confuses me


Apparently it hasn’t been mentioned that he had 27 touches in the VFL last week. Pretty impressive. Given this guy has some high end star potential I really hope he can get some senior games this year.


Sennsible hair cut, bound to be a leader.


As usual VFL stats seem questionable.
Footy live app has him down for 22 disposals.

Of course, Clarke seems to be widely reported as having 40 disposals, but footy live has 35, so who knows on both.

@theDJR doesn’t seem to do much on VFL game days. He should start taking stats so we can be sure. :slight_smile: I’ll go easy on him and just ask him to count possessions and tackles. Don’t worry about pressure acts and 1 percenters etc…


Will need to get going soon to get another contract on today’s showing.


Christ. 2nd year player coming back from extended injury after showing heaps of promise in his first year. Show some faith.




Will take a lot away from playing on Fasolo. Gleeson still hasn’t mastered playing on smalls.


hahaha. What a ridiculous comment


Poor day at the office