#14 Jordan Ridley


He wasn’t that bad


I found $5 on the ground before I sat in the grandstand today. I bet it on Fas to miss the goal in the first which he kicked. Guelfi who was sitting in front of me turned around cos he heard me lay the bet and watched me pony up. The prick Fas cost me another $5 in the third quarter when I tried to win it back.
Back on subject… Rids to me didn’t seem to stand out too much today but he’s looking much bigger than last year so hopefully next year he’s AFL built


Definitely got the tools has Ridz.

Looking forward to watching him as he builds some trust in himself over this season.


So did he play well or not yesterday? Mixed signals here haha


Wasn’t one of his best I wouldn’t have thought, which is why you are getting some mixed signals.

Heaps to like about the kid. Worth noting that he is younger than Zerk (I think) even though he was drafted a year earlier.


What he did do was what you’d want from that type of player, hence the praise.


Mixed game.
Couple of bad clangers as the designated release man, and got burnt by Fasolo in the second half when Franga had left the ground.
Not the first back to be burnt by Fasolo when he decides to play.
At other times clean and composed, making good decisions, without doing anything spectacular.


I thought he was just ok today. Intercept marking and precise kicking are his standout strengths, and I don’t remember him taking a contested mark today. His kicking was good, with one glaring exception, which was a left foot 30m kick into the corridor, off a step - he probably bit off a bit too much there. But he has plenty of attributes. It is just a matter of whether he is an “inbetweener” in terms of size and pace, or whether he fills out enough to be a tall. I don’t see any likelihood of him being a mid, as some have mentioned, in what he has shown so far.


Also signed till 2020.


anyone know how far away this guy is from getting a game?


Yes. The coaches do.


has he ■■■■■■ off skippy tho?


The kid is talented.
It would be nice if he strung 3 or 4 solid games together before being thrown against AFL forwards. So you know - he doesn’t become yet another whipping boy. He may get a game out of necessity before that though.


He’ll get smashed at AFL level


I tend to agree, but I’ve been wrong before.


I think he’s miles off it personally but I guess it depends on the role he plays.

He’s not terribly physical at the contest but his kicking is a strength.

My concern is throwing a kid into a backline that is getting absolutely smashed at the moment.

Carlton might be a good time to bring him in.


Would of been a great match up for Bayley Fritsch.


Not the coaches we currently have


watch casboult kick 10 straight on him


If Ridley who’s 70kg soaking wet plays on Casbault then our coaches are even stupider than I thought.