#14 Jordan Ridley


Yeah, he wont play on him.

A good learning experience for him would be to follow Curnow around.


Why would he go to Casboult?


should’ve said some other pleb like silvagni


I know sometimes we take the published heights and weights with a grain of salt, but Ridley’s start of season weight was 84kg.

He certainly looked like he’s bulked up a fair bit from when he was drafted when I saw him at training before ANZAC day


Curnow is that dangerous I would actually have Hurley mind him.


Hurley generally picks up the weakest opponent so that he can zone off.

Last week I noticed he was following around Alex Neal-Bullen for significant portions.


You’d put him on Silvani maybe - not Curnow.


Yeah, either one.

Difficult to know where SOS plays though.

I assume he will play forward.


See this is where i’ve got an issue with Hurley’s role. Clearly the coaches are happy to basically play Hurley as a spare. Based on 2015 Hurley this is a complete waste of his talent. Plus I don’t think his kicking is good enough to play the role he does. He needs to go back to his 2015 role.
Plus Neal-Bullen is an elite runner. It just means our mids and other defenders have to deal with an extra player. No wonder our team gets run ragged when players like this are free to do what they want


I don’t have an issue with Hurley’s role.

If he was playing a similar role in a good side he would be hitting a lot more targets. When he looks up he’s basically seeing 30 players within 50 meters of where he is. Anybody will struggle to hit a target in that sort of pressure and congestion.

Individual performances are always going to look worse when the whole side is misfiring.

And Neal-Bullen was playing predominately as a defensive forward so I’m not sure he was creating to many problems up the field. I think he only got 8 possessions total.


Miles off what position? Looks like another in between size.


Hurley and Hooker take the 2 best tall forwards, beat them and then zone off and create drive forward embarrasing their opponents. Leave third tall role for a young up and comer, we have options - Ridley, Zerk-Thatcher and Francis.

If that means Ambrose, Brown, Hartley all play VFL well so be it


He’s effectively a third tall type.

We have Gleeson, Francis and even Zerk that can play that role.

I don’t think he’s suited to playing on gorillas because he’s not overly physical like Francis and Zerk.


I’m interested in this particular extension. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but I don’t know if it’s exactly right either

Begley - completely understand. Mutch, yeah I can live with that, looked solid on debut and he’s had some very good vfl form to back that up over quite some time

What has Ridley done to get a 2 year extension?


Potential for something l suppose.


Ambrose and Brown third tall types too.


He’s been smashed with injuries but has shown talent at certain stages.

Certainly worth extending by chance that he improves considerably with a good run at it.


Watched Ridley in two VFL games in 2017 after he returned from a LTI. He looked really good on these two occasions. Very confident he will be a good AFL footballer.


Potential for midfield

Or so dodoro said when we drafted him


Realistic doesn’t mean negative.