#14 Jordan Ridley


Ambrose not so much.

Zerk and even Francis can play on gorillas if they reach their potential.

Francis probably on the shorter side but so is Hurley.

Our tall backs have potential but have a ways to go.


Probably getting the contract extension in before he stars on debut and gets a rising star nomination bumping his price up…


Francis is taller than Ambrose and almost Zerk height.


Yeah, Zerk just looks so much taller but maybe it’s just the way he plays.

Not much difference in the heights of the other three.


Longer legged, also, I think. Some like Smack & Langers have that low-riding shorter-legged coupe look.


Or that high riding longer necked goose look.


Must be the necks


Potential I’m guessing. He has shown abit in the vfl before being injured each time. I highly rate him myself.


Reminds me of Ian Gallagher from Shameless


I rate him. Has class.





By the time Zork and Ridley are ripe and ready, say 2 yrs, there may be no gorillas getting a game any more. The way the game is going, mobile guys in the 195cm to 200cm range will be the main marking targets. Guys like Hawkins, Joe etc are on their way out (not that Joe is a gorilla!)


Im not saying he’s no good, I literally know fk all about him and have only seen him play twice, and most of you are probably right, but is giving a 2 year extension on the back of being injured a hell of a lot and a few vfl highlights jumping the gun just a little?


Yes, but it would mean locking him away at a significantly lower salary than if he was a young star after two seasons. More future cap space.


And preventing other teams picking him off which is exactly what they try to do.

If a kid is being developed and is making it to emergency to senior side then generally on right track & prime target for other clubs.

Ridley going to bypass Francis and could well be getting games in a Gleeson esque role soon, just had to build enough form & fitness post injury. He is a beautiful kick and god knows we need that right now.


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Why would Joe be on the way out? He is the definition of a mobile 200cm forward. Weird thing to say.


I dunno.

Looking at it as logically as I can.
He’s a highish pick, totally unproven. His height and build when he was drafted, would’ve made it pretty surprising if he played at all in his first year. A pretty long queue in front of him, Gleeson/Dea/Hurley/Brown/Hartley/Goddard/Ambrose, probably Francis, and hooker now too. He has looked very good at times in VFL, a bit average at others, and missed a fair bit.
I don’t think zero games really says anything about how he’s tracking.

A 1 year extension is probably a no-brainer, unless someone is a total potato, which he’s not. So we’re giving him an extra year, on probably bottom dollar, which is going to look like a bargain if he comes into the side at any point.

So i dunno. Not going to get worked up about it.


Agreed. I also know fk all about Ridley, but reading the reports, the sense I get is that he is still miles away from playing AFL. I am not saying that it is black and white and seniors within 2 years or it is a bust, but we as a club need to start being ruthless in many facets if we are to become successful. List management and development needs to be a part of that. I’d hate to think that we continue to make mistakes or non-decisions for plodders such as what we have done for Myers or J Merrett.


A similar discussion was had when we dropped Redman after a 2 possession gave then gave him a 2 year contract extension a month later. I don’t know why you’d be worried.