#14 Jordan Ridley


Isn’t it weird* that they always get players to sign extensions the week after a bad loss?

(I thought most would’ve worked this out already, but a lot of these are in the can weeks or months out, and they massage the release of news for when they need something other than a 6 goal loss to talk about).


Is giving an early(ish) pick year 3 and 4 the issue?

Hawks are blooding guys now who are in year 2, 3 and 4; Adelaide debuting Doedee after 2-3 years in SANFL.

It’s when we’ve had a look at them we (arguably) need to be more ruthless. Year 5/6/7.


I was going to say that it was 2016 it was losses as far as the eye could see. Then I checked the specific date, and it was after the brisbane loss that year. Well played.


If it means anything, Woosha said publicly in his first season that he was ready to at the AFL level, he just needed to work on his frame first.


How about Kev as Micheal Hartley??


Have we discussed this before? I think that literally every second he’s on screen. It’s uncanny. They even (seem to) have a similar personality.


Not discussed with me, I just started watching last week, And I spaz out every time.


You’re probably correct. The next couple of years are the critical ones. Begley has shown he is worth the investment being regularish already, and Mutch has just broken into the team after winning the VFL B&F. What has Ridley done so far? Injuries may have conspired against him to some extent.

This is the bit that I can’t agree with. It shouldnt take up to 7 years before a decision is made. The difference between us and the Crows and Hawks is that they have mostly been in contention during those years so opportunities for kids are more limited. Essendon, well we have been much shittier so theoretically there should be ample opportunities for senior footy. Guys like Zach, Parish, Mcgrath have all been good enough to do it … why can’t we expect the Ridleys, Redmans, Longs to do the same. Is it because we are too conservative with selection, not good enough with development, or the guys are not good enough to displace the incumbents. It’s undoubtedly a combination of the three and more, but talent gets you on an AFL list, It should be hard work and output that keeps you there.

Hopefully Ridley shows this in the next couple of years … my views here are obviously much broader than just Ridley, but I was a bit surprised that the reward (2 year contract) is there for someone who appears back of the pack at the moment.


Can’t beleieve people are questioning why Ridley was given a 2 year extension. He has the tools to make it he just needs time which two years provides.

If you look at it from another way there are at essily 10 players on our list that will be gone within the next two years:
-J Merrett

Many of these will go at the end of this year and I would think the remainder will be gone by the end of 2019. There are others that would certainly at this stage be behind Ridley as a likely 2020 player. All this means is that it is a no brainer to have extended his contract for 2 years.


Bit harsh on Green but I see your point.

Ridley has shown enough t get a contract extension.


In fairness those questioning Ridley have never seen him play due to injuries and not getting much televised vfl games


Probably a bit harsh but not sure Green is a long term prospect. Anyway you could switch Green for Redman or McNeice. Either way there are at least 10 players behind Ridley in my view.


Joe’s mobility and ground play is currently in the bottom 5% of the AFL. Only some ruckman are worse, and many are better. He used to be pretty good on the ground for a 200cm player, but not these days. Have you seen him try to run onto a loose ball and kick a goal lately? I hope it is his knee that is making him look so awkward and that he can get back to something like he used to be, because if not, he is a mark and kick man only, When the ball hits the deck, he is pretty near to useless, and the opposition exploit this by just running and handballing out of our forward line without much threat or risk,


You’re taking a 6 game sample to make your assertion Joe moves like a truck and ignoring the incredible agility he has shown in his previous 6 years in the AFL at the ripe old age of 24…geez you’re tough, and silly.


Fair enough. Glass half full (you) versus glass half empty (me). I hope you’re right. As my username implies, I love Joe as much as anyone. He is playing like a giraffe with a gammy leg at the moment, but let’s hope there is a reason and that reason is temporary.


Ima get in early and say this guy is a star and next year he’ll be doing great things in the backline


He’s playing like a giraffe that Alan just drove along the freeway.


Ridley must’ve been close to selection being named first emergency.

Maybe he will debut against blues.


So, I’ve just come from the McGrath thread, where he is apparently just a back pocket, and useless as a mid, to here, where Ridley is a star.


McGraths just having a bit of second year blues.

He shouldn’t be tied down to back pocket, we have saad and McKenna.

I would like to see him on the ball in red time plus also tried up forward as a small forward with green, begley and Fantasia out.