#14 Jordan Ridley


Who questioned Ridley getting two more years?


I can’t tell you.
I’m not a WOBer.
I mean, dobber.


Very excited about Ridley.

2018 FF Original discussion thread

Reason to be excited this weekend?


One thing that has me questioning him a little bit is that I heard from someone VERY close to him that questioned his professionalism and whether he does everything from a preparation/‘look after your body’ sense, to get the best out of himself.

Hope this person was misguided. He clearly has a talent at reading the ball in flight and appears to have decent skills.


How do I like @fogdogs like on your post? :slight_smile:


Wonderful news.


Sack the board.


sorry for the double posting across threads…



Ridley to Hawkins.


Hopefully we see those skills on display eh!


Confirmed on the socials


The boys reactions


“when you kick your first goal for the club you love and get abandoned on the field”


VFL dropped him, thank you very much.


Didn’t really look like Mutch was abandoned when he kicked his goal to me. Was sprinting out of the pocket high-fiving at will!


Are we sure this is the news of debuts and not just the new contested ball / midfield strategy?


That’s a terrible story.
Never go for your media ticket, unless you don’t mind disappointment.


So what kind of Player is RIdley like?
who does he most play like in the AFL?


Dustin Martin with a hint of Harry Madden


I heard Ridley is plays a lot like Mark Bolton
not sure if good or bad thing