#14 Jordan Ridley


Depends. Is Adam Goodes playing?


In the 18s he played like a Josh Gibson/Luke Hodge. A real general capable of coming in and laying spoils and taking intercept marks but could also set up play himself with his disposal. I haven’t seen him play a game as good as some of his 18s games but the sky is the limit


That’s the first and only time the boys will get around him.
Come game day when a Geelong player runs through him, I can guarantee none of our boys will be getting around him.


Clarke will haha


I think an injection of youth is just what this team needs.

I’m hoping it will bring back a bit of team spirit.


Quite salty is young Emilio.


If true, it’s hardly the first time this has been said about a young player.


mark bolton MK2


Yep exactly right. Often it’s a learning experience and it takes a few years for it to really sink in the total lifestyle asjustment that needs to be made to go from a talented junior to full time professional.


I remember going to the Ballarat game last year for Franga watch and ended up being on Ridley watch…kid can play as has a good frame to put muscle on in the coming years.

Good luck to him this weekend.


He’s a similar size and shape but I don’t see any real comparison beyond that


He will learn quickly from been around and watching the others in the firsts.


That’s what I need where do I get one.


I can recommend this chemist I know



ah you know the rest


I hope that hair doesn’t get in the way.

Good luck to him. I’ve been hoping he gets a run.


Neither have been beaten by Adam Goodes


That’s Michael…


I’ve Never seen the kid play but that’s a massive wrap… let’s hope!!


Reckon Windy Dill has it right. Sean Wellman mk II