#14 Jordan Ridley


I’m sure others have said it above, that was as good a debut as you could have asked for. Superb. So composed. Marking, kicking long and short, tackling, reading the play, tackling, taking the game on. Did it all and did it well. May he have a long and successful career with the Bombers


Ridley started off on Crameri who was very dangerous in Q1. He was left behind a couple of times and was moved. Dea went to Crameri and sorted him out.

I was glad he was moved because it then settled into one of the better debut games I’ve ever seen.

Clean, precise, clever and composed. Congratulations on what I hope is just the first of at least 150 games for the EFC.


Jesus. He was seriously good. Made good decisions. Stays in.


Incorrect. I believe he can bring peace to the Middle East.


Correct, isnt a sook and doesnt do cocaine.


well ■■■■ im out then




sooo…UNsack Dodoro?


He’s smart and classy.
I’m hugely bullish on him.


Yep. Hurley playing as that loose defender who doesn’t really overlap has been worked out. Particularly when we still have Goddard.


There was a little sidestep and shimmy he did off half back, where he then turned inside and drilled the ball through the corridor, where he won me over.

Classy as fark.


Zero tackles apparently.


Should’ve considered turning it over a few times so he had a chance to lay a tackle.


2019 all bases covered backline -

mckenna & saad
gleeson & ridley
hurley & hooker

But what about ambrose & francis?


Francis can be our utility/7th defender. If Francis re-sign and Goddard retires, it won’t hurt us too much.

Ambrose is already our depth or at least should be, anyway.


That was the sort of debut to suggest this guy isn’t going to get dropped…ever.

Just looked so comfortable. His ball use out of the backline was awesome for a first gamer.

It is going to be hard to break into our back line in the second half of the year if injuries don’t strike.




I think Gleek and ridley are eventually competing for one spot. As is Dea, but he’s meh.

Ambrose is a lock for me. Our strongest, most determined and versatile stopper - the end.


Nice mix of sizes & skillsets for mine.


That deft kick late in Q1 out of defense at full tilt was mint.


Have we got too many half backs? How did this happen?!