#14 Jordan Ridley


Jury is still out on that one. Only after 5 more year will know which selection was better.


Ridley has elite disposal and is a great outlet player which is the role he played, and why he had so many disposals. He positioned himself very well in space to receive gives from other defenders. This is illustrated by detailed stats. Of his possessions only one was an intercept mark, he intercepted at ground level 4 times.
the rest of his possessions were uncontested,

The best intercept players were Hooker with 21 intercepts incl. 6 intercept marks, and Dea who unobtrusively racked up 13 intercepts including 5 intercept marks.

The heavy lifting was done by others, but there is no doubting the poise and clever positioning Ridley displayed and he appeared a natural. As time goes on he will intercept more, and he will be more heavily involved in contested work in defence . He was lucky the defence was not pushed, but its not always going to be like that. Fantastic debut game.


Alex Witherden


I would say that he actually looks more comfortable at senior level than in the VFL.

Will be interesting how he performs if we turn back to pumpkins.


Blitz didnt do too bad selecting Witherden tho, did they Boot.
They both could be 200 game players.
Ridleys first game was quality, he actually has more size about him than i thought.


Pretty sure it was Ablett he skinned too.


If you were looking for a part of the list where you might find some trade currency heading into a highly regarded draft you’d certainly be looking at this list.


That wasn’t helping Hep!


Plus we’ve got the third Fletcher as a F/S.


A chance for the rising star nom this week? Would be between him Florent, Witherden I would say.


Should get the nod kid smashed it on his debut


When is the nom announced?


Witherden is ok, and will have a decent career. But to me, Ridley has a certain silky class, whereas I see Witherden as a bit more blue collar than that.


Tonight I think.


Yeah, I dunno how much having a high wing viewpoint affected my assessment, but his kicking seemed more precise and attacking than in the VFL.


Yep, and I think he got to better spots in the game the other day also.

Exciting future.


Alex Witherden won it this week.


Witherden should have got a nod already. Averaging 23 touches and was instrumental in Brisbane’s win.


Got one last year.


Confirmed on AFL website that Witherden becomes only the 10th dual nominee and first since Orazio Fantasia. Probably hadn’t received a nomination earlier given the Lions hadn’t won.

It’s unusual for someone to debut mid season and get nominated first up. If Ridley backs it up I think he is chance the next few rounds.