#14 Jordan Ridley


I agree he hadn’t impressed me greatly in the VFL and tended to kick sideways ala Welsh.

Great debut.


So? He’s eligible this year and has been most deserving of a nomination.


It’s good signs that he was attacking more.


I wasn’t saying he wasn’t deserving, you said he should have got a nod already and I pointed out he has.


I’m pretty sure you knew what I meant.


I honestly didn’t. I am frequently a snarky smart ■■■■, so fair enough, but in this case I just thought you might not have known that he got a nomination last year.


Funny how some guys just have to play with quality players to fulfil their potential. Others can dominate the twos and look average in the ones… guys like Ridley look like they need to play at a higher level to play at a higher level… if that makes sense.


This his played the role better then Hurley is a load of b.s. riddles did all that we expected of him and more, so don’t get me wrong.

The amount of pressured ball Hurley has had to deal with this year has been huge. The pressure of the ball coming into our backline this week was up a zillion percent. Which makes a Blackmans job a lot easier. Hurley is an absolute gun.


Pretty sure that’s racist


No, only when you’re not paying them

(Too far??)


Average disposals plunges to 17 :frowning:


88.9% DE




Big call but I see a lot of Hird in this kid

So composed


I don’t see much similarity, riddles can defend…


Body shape, positioning, composure, balance


Very bright future for this kid


Kids a gun!


Will be a great player for us. Persist with him throughout the year, already added much to the team. Much better to play him than McNeice.


Looks very composed, doesn’t panic