#14 Jordan Ridley


Will never be dropped


Big decision this week with Hurley fit (and Frang firing).

Hurley, Ambrose, Dea, Ridley, Frang… three spots


And, if Carlisle did the job right today, no one to play on anyway?


Who have they got if revolt doesn’t get up?


Townsend or Lloyd to probably come in


and then there’s Gleeson - it’ll get tougher. Which is good.


Incredibly clean, didn’t fumble at all and was assured in everything he did


He has good reach, gets the spoil in from behind and is clean below his knees.
I one touch player and pinpoint kick.
We have found one here.


We have a special one here


Do we have one here?


What were you thoughts on him in juniors mate?


He is playing exactly the way I expected him too, hasn’t shown his ability as a general in defence yet which he showed in the 18s, he will be an outstanding player for us once he starts hitting his prime.


His kicking is elite, imo.

He will be our main distributor out of the backline for years to come.

Kicks low, flat, and precise.


Andrew Mackie?


Dem footskills. Great work Jackets.


Jeez is there anyone you dont stick the boot into??


ridley for the precision.

franga for the power.

saad for the speed.





The last goal to Bags…did that come from Ridley’s abnormally long arms?


Connor adds that bit of bite.