#14 Jordan Ridley


Do not delist.


Riddles is an absolute keeper. Will keep getting better and better.


M. Guelfi


Is Mackie even a criticism? He played in 3 Premierships, nearly 300 games and was an All-Australian.


Remember when Gleeson was the next Mackie? Or was it Enright?


Enright was the (massive) call.


Did the Ridler get the Rising Star nomination last week?
Cant find any info on it.


Ridley will be one of those defenders where we will say, “Gee only got 11 possesions,but his opponenent got 8”.

Or he will have 18-20 odd touches, and still nullify his opponent.

Great pick-massive upside.


Better than Witherdon. Witherdon is ■■■■ lol






Thought he’d get that!


I’m guessing he’ll play with Hurls who’ll replace Ambrose.


Nine eh? I’ve never heard of so many nominations.


Ridley is very clean below his knees for somebody so tall and can find the ball very easily.

Can see why Dodoro keeps calling him a midfielder.


Yes and he had 29 possies today and he was outstanding across the half back.


Doesn’t make many mistakes.

Class act.


Would make a beautiful outside mid.



He’s quality.


Pleasantly surprised by how much run and carry he provided. Takes his 15 metres then delivers, usually lace out.