#14 Jordan Ridley


Presuming he’s had quite a good game today?



Straight back up for Redman IMO.


Yep. As did Ridley, and LAV, and Frang.


Nice. I still hope redman gets up though to be honest, he does have a 10 day break


I spoke to a coach from the club today and unfortunately Redman is gone for at least 3 weeks. He was just getting some momentum too.


Bugger! Oh well, Ridley seems the logical replacement


why is this kid being wasted in the 2s?


Franga didn’t play last week, and I think he still got more disposals than Ridley did.


Unfortunately coz fans are treated like idiots & Xav wants bums on seats… and maybe also b/c playing Goddard creates media interest.

I on the other hand disagree and to paraphrase Maester Aemon from game of thrones, say ‘Kill the boy, Ridley(or Franga/Redman). the 2019 season is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born.’


If Ridley went back, got 20 odd, took intercept grabs and kept his man quiet he’d be playing. But he didn’t. It’s up to him. He’ll get there when he deserves it.


It’ll be interesting which position the club are developing him in, especially considering our defensive depth and Jordan’s versatility. At the moment it looks like he is playing the ‘Gleeson-role’ but there aren’t many roles in the backline that he couldn’t be developed for; not to mention that Dodoro thinks he has midfield potential.


That’s good enough for me.


Personally I think the midfield potential call is crap in relation to Ridley


Langford was a 3rd tall and is now showing great signs as an afl mid. Redman was a halfback and is now starting to impact vfl midfield.

Ridley has talent, a good frame to grow into and good awareness at senior level. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in the midfield rotation over the next few years.


And it’s probably where he will end up.
And if he doesn’t Redman will.


For somebody so tall Ridley is very clean below his knees.

i rolled my eyes when I first heard Disco say that Ridley is a mid but having watched him pretty closely this year he has some handy midfield tools.


He also played forward a bit as a junior, if I’m not mistaken


I’m firmly of the belief that Redman could end up a forward, he was mighty impressive there in his first year or so of VFL. I think both he and Ridley could easily end up playing anywhere on the ground, add Guelfi to that list too.


Didn’t Redman say he had no idea what to do as a forward and had to keep asking his team mates for guidance mid-game?


I know things can change with injuries and greater or lesser development than expected, but it is looking like we have too many similar young defenders on the list. Redman, Francis, Ridley and Zork-Thatcher to complement Gleeson, Hurley and, for a shorter period, Hooker.
Maybe we should we be looking to see which of these could play somewhere other than defence, with Ridley and Francis being the main candidates.
I think Francis should stick to defence at least until he establishes a senior career, but I think Ridley could probably play other roles. It has already been suggested he might end up a mid, but I am thinking more along the lines of a running wingman, or a third tall forward in the Stewart style.
I don’t think it would stuff him around too much or harm his development to give him a run in those roles in the VFL.