#14 Jordan Ridley


Yeh it’s a bit of the boy who cried wolf idiom, leave your “specials” for the players who’ve had outstanding seasons or games or it loses its value.
If I had my way I’d have a heavy analytical special comments man. Wait until the boundary commentators have facts, no point guessing an injury. Commentate siren to siren and leave the conversations for breaks in play or during quarter breaks.
They don’t plan well enough pre, post game and during the breaks to say what they want to say about certain players or how the season is going, let’s see how it develops, it out of their control. They get stuck on moments, in the old days if a bad call was made they just moved on after one or to funny snarky comments. No one wants to hear the same opinion 5 times. People I watch with always say the obvious before commentators do because it’s that obvious, they don’t need to comment on that.


It’s concerning that even after a bottle of red, I’m still more observant than the channel 7 commentary team and more coherent than Ling


This is my favourite fairy tale ever, because I think about two guys talking about it later.
‘You know that little twit that was jerking our chain, telling everyone there was a wolf all the time?’
‘Yeah, what about him?’
‘He died.’
"Oh. That’s sad, but he was a bit of a jerk.’
‘Guess how.’
‘I dunno, how?’
knowing look
‘No waaaaaaaaaay.’
‘Get faaaaaaaaaarked!’
‘I will not get ■■■■■■. It’s true. Eaten by a wolf.’
‘Eaten by a wolf!’
‘Eaten by a friggin’ wolf.’


“Got what he deserved I tell ya waking us up all times of night, lil brat”


Red Riding Hood > little twit that was jerking chains


What’s the attraction there?


you don’t like happy endings


I guess I find the cautionary tale more effective than the deus ex machina of LRR.


Fairytale’s should be a lesson on how not to get yourself killed, that’s how I was raised.


I don’t hate him, I just think he’s too slow for the play by play commentary.
As others have said, he often misses stuff by taking too long to get a canned phrase out.
He used to be awesome.


Bruce’s biggest problem is that he has become a caricature of himself.


So is 24/7 live audio streaming from the terminal diarrhoea ward.


Should have the commentator as Jason bennett and one special comments for example Wayne Carey, who keeps his mouth shut until it is actually pertinent to give expert commentary. Put the rest to bed, as they are completely unnecessary.


Yeah Bruce often doesn’t actually call the play anymore; he just says the player’s name and says how good they have been.

A Bruce call goes something like this:

“Dangerfield - he’s been prominent. Selwood - oh he’s tough isn’t he. Ablett - the little master’s been good early, Those silky skills of Burgoyne, Roughy - The Champ!”

Not one mention of a kick, handpass, mark, fumble, change of possession or where on the field.


Haha thats so true.


Bring back Captain Blood!

They take a mark in the backline, move it forward, ooh, if you don’t mind, umpire, ball is turned over and they goal.

Who, Jack, who?


That’s because he’s commentating on TV where those things are self-evident to the viewer.


But annoying when Bruce’s call actually translates as “Dangerfield has had three kicks - sprayed two & missed his target with the other, Selwood - has ducked for a free kick and elbowed a bloke at the bottom of a pack, Ablett - no he hasn’t- he’s been ■■■■■■ useless until late in quarters when the pace eases off a bit, Roughy the Champ - thanks but time to retire”

The point being that latter day Bruce is sprouting Bruce cliches, rather than responding to the actual game, and a players performance on the day.

Happy for Ridley to be our little Bomber fan secret till he wins a Norm Smith.


Ridley is going to have a very good career. The kid is silk.


this is the bruce is ■■■■ thread. move on.