#14 Jordan Ridley


You listen to some weird stuff!


Listening to his radio call of the game while watching the footy at Windy Hill was so smooth and seamless. Went together as well as Bailey’s muscat and Ray’s plum pudding.

Never bettered IMHO.


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Hamish is better


Hamish is a ■■■■ head


I wonder how Ridley would go in the commentary box?

He certainly knows how to read the play.


He certainly would pose a lot of questions


He’s good isn’t he? Arches his back like he so often does.


Which begs the fundamental question…


It’s good to see Riddles come good again. His game vs Werribee was poor but I observed him coming to the bench and he looked really crook not just exhausted but really unwell. He’s a ripper, look out next year.


Ridley is ace.

As regards Bruce he can be very annoying. Like, he knows or assumes he is surrounded by yes men. He asks the questions that beg for an answer in the affirmative. Like " Francis. We like him, don’t we ? " . Considering Francis might just have taken mark of the year, its obvious his question is a statement, that directs the special comments guy to say Yes Bruce, We like Farncis, and we like Marty Gleason’s thin legs also.


Ridley Redman Gleeson can they all play? Redman can play on the wing fairly easily I think.


Ridley is a gun, I think he will be best 22 by the end of next year. Like redman his kicking is just too good not to have them in the side.


I’m not sure if that’s the cause or the effect.

Bruce is a genuine lover of sport (of all sorts), more than anything. I think he pads ‘cos he can’t keep up, not because he loves the sound of his own voice.
Of course it could well be some producer/director suggesting they all talk more crap to make it more inviting. Wouldn’t surprise.


I think Bruce would be fine if he was used for analysis/stats/a little colour.
Honestly, there aren’t many current commentators I rate.
BT is friggin’ painful.
Richardson’s schtick seems to be to sook about what BT says. And I kind of get why he would do that, I feel like doing it all the time, but it doesn’t make for great listening.
Cameron ‘that sure is a player on a football ground right now’ Ling.
It’s all pretty dire.

Oh, and Ridley’s going to be a pretty good player for us, I reckon.
A very different one to what I thought he’d be, but still pretty good.


Of course it is. Sports commentary is as scripted as reality TV. They’re fed lines constantly throughout the broadcast and are clearly directed on the sort of “colour and feel” the broadcast should have.

The Tigers/Hawks game was absurd and entirely deliberate. 100% got Hodge in purely to be the Hawthorn yin to Richardson’s Richmond yang.


Perhaps l should have started that thread on common potators, l was thinking about a week or so ago. Bruce hasn’t been the same since Confetti retired. Bruce loves his sport that much is obvious, but is a bit caught up in the cult of personality style where he gushes his hero worship in all directions. In the past he was astute with his observations and has now foregone that level of analysis, to become a series of cliches. He is cringe worthy these days to listen to, painful. In any given 10 second spot he will probably string together 3 tag questions. Why is he seeking such tacit approval. Just make the statement and move on.

Special comments? Bartel is the best, forget the rest.

And don’t even get me started on Riccuito.

Ridley? He is going to be a classy player for us. His skills have been covered by others, and have been displayed at the highest level already. Reads the play well, knows when to zone off his direct opponent and intercept, and has good foot skills. There is a lot to like about his game, and he is only going to get better.


I actually use to love bruce as kid and when 7 got the rights back again I was pumped that he would be back commentating footy.
From the very start of his return i thought something was lacking in his commentary, i started to think that maybe it was just because i was younger back then, back when everything seems great because it’s new. Similar to watching a favourite childhood movie again as an adult and realising the film was actually pretty ■■■■.

This was until i saw the replay of the 95 final against richmond on fox footy and i was right all along, he was superb back then, the best in the business. I’m disappointed that he is now pretty ordinary and agree with all of the above, now he seems contrived and always looking for people to approve of his comments. The funny thing is he probably knows much more about the game than the so called ‘special comments’ experts anyway.


Which is?


Assuming we have a full list and all are in good form - who is Ridley pushing out to be best 22 next year?