#14 Jordan Ridley


Yep! You got it!


Back 6
Saad Hooker Francis
Redman Hurley McKenna

Gleeson 7th defender on bench

Ridley emergency.
Ridley/Gleeson/Redman would be fighting for last 2 spots


I see Ridley starting in the 2s next year being the Francis of the backline. By the end of the year he’ll either be in the AFL backline or playing through the middle in the VFL


Ridley has opportunity to take spot off redman in the Pre-season matches IMO.
1 of those 2 guys will be in the side.


I worry about his strength one-on-one though, Redman is a better option to play on small forwards too


Yep. I have Ridley> Redman but that’s purely a matter of opinion.


Start watching at the 25 second mark


Well, as you pointed out, the viewer can see things on TV so why do we have/need commentators at all?


Viewers want to be informed and entertained. If you don’t care for commentary, turn off the sound.


Yeah, I can’t do that. Silly I know but i like the sounds and it creates atmosphere as though you are sort of at that game. If they cut it back to only 2 comms and one boundary rider you would get rid of a lot of this crap.



Whilst he hasnt grown as big as carlise (I did think hed grow some more) I still stand by this. I rekon He will be better than carlise.


Back in it’s early days, Poxtel used to give you the option of commentary, umpires, or crowd noise. All footy should be like that.


The bonus is that he won’t play like a petulant child but will knuckle down and do that the job.


I would like to see the option for having main commentary, umpires, crowd noise, or your clubs own commentary team.

I’d prefer to listen to Scott Lucas etc talking about Bombers players than Eddie or BT.


I want an R-Rated commentary option, can you make it happen please


But isn’t the gist of the conversation that viewers aren’t being informed. Also I like the crowd noise at it provides atmosphere so I can’t turn the sound off.

I’ve got an idea. Next time you go to watch the footy live, I’ll come and sit next to you and yell ■■■■ in your ear for 2 hours. :grinning:


I get enough of that at home when the footy’s not on!


Francis cemented his spot, Goddard retired after player every game yet Gleeson missed the whole season. Redman was superb and Ridley definitely looked up to it. Hooker was forced back after our poor start, slow fwd line and early backline injuries.
Woosha and Essendon have always entertained a fwd/ back swingman.
I could see Essendon doing something like this:
Gleeson Hurley Saad
McKenna Francis Ridley
Redman as the rotation, Hooker back to full forward.
If Hooker is required down back Ridley or Francis can swing forward or any of McKenna, Saad, Redman or Gleeson can rotate to a wing.
The only way I see all those blokes playing together. But the reality is one will always be injured or a good thing fighting for the last spot.


I think Hooker will go forward again.

Woosha loves his swingman, a la Adam Hunter.


I don’t need commentary when watching Ridley destroy opposition forwards. Crowd noise would be good , just like being there!
Most useless thing on the planet? TV sports commentators.