#14 Jordan Ridley


I would like an option where l can link the TV broadcast to my choice of radio commentary. l know it has been done, but instead of trying to match the streams for timing purposes, it would be nice if they just allowed it as an option.


I would like this too… I would also like to be able to just choose ‘atmos’ - Such a simple thing for the broadcasters to set up. Obviously they want viewers to sit through the pain of listening to ■■■■ tv commentary!


I just want to get rid of Zempilis, Ling, and Darcy. And less of Bruce.


Throw in Richo too. nothing going on upstairs


Zerk could be better than both, looks a very unflustered young back. Seriously classy young players to watch these guys.


Zerk will be a key plank of our defence. Doesn’t have the same ability to hurt on the rebound as R&R but he throws around what little weight he has at the moment which when he adds 8-10kg will hurt the opposition enough.

The other two will be distributers who can match up on different types of forwards and will at various times during their careers, play further up the ground.


Played a cracker of a game against the tigers.


If we can keep them all on the list then it’s exciting to know what the future could be looking like.

It’s all about hope.


Very much yes, but in a very different way.
And that Francis bloke too. Backline looks reasonable for the next 10 years.


Good question.

For me I reckon the following 5 are back 6 locks.

Saad. Hooker. Gleeson.
Francis. Hurley.

I think the 6th position can be floated between all of Redman, Ridley and McKenna in the same side. I certainly would like to see Redman and McKenna push into playing quite a lot of minutes on a wing.


I don’t see Redman competing with Ridley. We have too many good young defenders. IMO they will try to turn Redman into a midfielder over the off season. He played in the midfield rotation in the VFL side and was doing very well at it before the call up to AFL and subsequent injury.


I reckon they’ll look at trialling both through the middle at various times next year.

It may be complicated if one of them secures a spot in the backline for the senior team though.


I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Ridley they gave a run on the wing next season. I really like Redman in the back 6.


Loving Ridleys play. Disposal elite, positioning way above average, running elite, outside mid potential , Redman has toughened up and now has the mongrel and contested ability make it as an inside midfielder. imo.


Riddles is going to become something special and has the hunger to do whatever it takes to get there.




Could this guy turn into an inside mid? 192cm. I’ve only seen him in his few AFL games, to me looks very agile and composed. Does he have other traits that could be developed to turn him into a big inside mid?


Looks like he plays more outside than inside. He would more likely be a rangy marking wingman than an on baller.


In a similar way that Langford didn’t have enough mongrel to play inside I feel Ridley is similar.

Langford has improved in that respect so it’s possible that Ridley could.

I’m a big fan of players that are one touch and Ridley is that.

He’s got a big future but he’s probably a year or two away from what he can become.


from memory when drafted ridley was talked up by dodoro as someone who’d eventually play midfield. that said, so is every player