#14 Jordan Ridley


at least one year away


Maybe if he started downing clen like a collingwood player.


Ridley is made for the backline. He is composed. Rarely gets worried. Exactly what is needed.


wish you guy’s would stick to comments about our brilliant young footballers not those wiesel comentatores


Would make a sensational winger.


I’d be shocked if that were the case.
When he was drafted he was Lever verging on Hooker.

To me he’s turned into Ambrose but with far better disposal, which has shocked the hell out of me, but midfield would be Twilight Zone stuff.

Not saying he can’t, although I doubt it, but seeing that at 17…more nah than yeah in my yeah-nah.


“He’s 192, he can play forward. Last year as a bottom ager he kicked 6 in a game, we thought he looks alright. Then he’s played across half back and we think he can develop into a tall mid.”

They can always develop into midfielders. Always.

Edit: from http://www.essendonfc.com.au/news/2016-11-25/draft-wrap


192cm 17 year-olds kicking six goals in a game screams midfielder to me.

I’m taking that with the tiniest pinch of salt.


Oh, for sure, I’d just never doubt that Dodoro said somewhere that a draftee could develop into a midfielder.


Got to do the Essendon apprenticeship on the HBF first.


Outside of pure talls, why would you draft anyone with a second rounder who didn’t have the skills/potential to be a mid, regardless of what their best position is?

Pretty much anyone with a limited skill set is going to get pushed to the back end of the draft


He was right with Myers.


Given it’s functionally impossible to disagree with that, I guess I agree.


Where he ends up playing will depend on how much he adds to his frame. Regardless of position, he’ll be playing in the AFL before too long.


Inside mid attributes are ability to take possession cleanly in traffic, be strong in body on body contests around stoppages, stand up in the tackle and keep your hands free, quick accurate disposal by hand in close, vision in congestion. Anything else like good foot skills or pace are a bonus. Clarke has these attributes. Ridley is a completely different player.

He reads it well, is balanced, quick, composed, a very good kick. He is suited to, and good at the role he is playing. However given Gleeson and Francis are similar, if we want him to play elsewhere, we should have a look at him as a forward. A running wingmen would suit. Inside mid - not for mine.


What’s his tank and speed like?


Tank not bad, speed not too shabby for a guy of 191cm.

He’s good and getting gooder.


When do you think he will be goodest?


Don’t know when he will be goodest. Maybe around the same time when he is best.


Runs a 3.13 20m (solid but not express), and is a top quartile endurance athlete from memory.