#14 Jordan Ridley


He is perfect on hbf, but I could certainly see him playing wing or high half forward. With Francis, Redman, and gleeson, we have plenty of good depth at half back. But if they are all fit to play it makes for an interesting conversation because all are afl level and best 22 in my eyes.


No comment on Ridley, but the presentation of sprint times has certainly changed over the years.

Back in the day that would have been considered “slow” and “lacking the acceleration needed”.

I can happily say that when Hurls was measured at 3.11 that I thought it was too slow for the role we’d be asking him to play.

After a decade or so, I think I can say I was wr…wr…I was wrong.


A 3.11 as a skinny,under developed kid.

Surely a couple preseasons later,he may have got that down a bit,no?


It was the big knock on Hurley, and why he went pick 5 instead of earlier.

I remember expecting him to spend a career trailing Key forwards to the ball.


Looks quick enough, without being express. Those in the industry will tell you that there are those who play quick and those who test well! The two don’t go hand in hand. A couple of variables such as anticipation and game sense that matter oh and adrenaline! Just ask Hurls who didn’t test great! Some get it, others don’t!


This bloke is going to play some seriously good senior footy and you all better ■■■■■■ enjoy it.


With Gleeson starting from a fair way back in his preseason and Redman now broken ankle certainly should get his chance early on


I hope he gets a shot.
Been a fan for a long time.


Big opportunity for this kid at the start of the year, with Gleeson taking time, Redmond’s injury we could see him jump the line.


Ridley has bulked up a bit.


I still jizzz when i think about him side stepping Ablett in round 9. Little master hits the deck and Ridley takes off.


And morphed into Stringer as well!


I think the point to take from this, other than me and Klawdy both being blind, is that Ridley and Stringer look about the same size now.
Which means Ridley’s gained a fair bit, and Stringer’s lost a fair bit.

Riddles was a stick when he got drafted.


I think Klawdy was joking because of the Ridley photo posted as Stringer…


Thanks man. Glad I didn’t have to explain that myself.


I thought i might get ridiculed for explaining it. Like everybody else was in some fourth level inception joke and i was pointing out the obvious.