#14 Jordan Ridley


Pretty decent on either foot. Couple of mistakes that Smith let him know about but still did well.


One of very few shining lights.


The cool calm no nonsense Sean Wellman type we desperately need in the backline.



So composed. Think him and Redmam (when fit) are fighting for the Goddard seventh defender spot


Ridley could be pushed up on to the wing


I thought he went well last night. Can play.


Will play 200 games+


And much bigger than I thought. Definitely hit the weights and filled out a bit over preseason.


I think he’s top of the queue for that half-back spot Round 1.


I’m a huge fan of this guy.

His composure reminds me a lot of Fletcher… where doesn’t seem to look at all phased.

I think by the end of the year, he will have played 18-20 games. I actually think he will be picked ahead of Gleeson.

He was very unlucky last year. Later in the 2018 season, I thought his form was slightly better than Francis in the VFL. When Francis got promoted to the 22, Ridley was stiff. I’m not complaining because I was very much on the Francis bandwagon.

Ridley has very little hype within the supporter base, and I’m not exactly sure why.


Looked good last night, with the HBF spot up for grabs I think he could be the starter R1.

Saad Hooker Francis
McKenna Hurley Ridley


Looked good with ball in hand.

How did he go defensively? So many blokes changing positions I wasn’t sure who was playing on who.


Yep, that’s my backline.


Francis certainly had more hype but Ridley has had his fair share of talk as well.

The difference was that Ridley was/is very much an outside player so it seemed like he may take longer to make an impression at senior level.

He has most certainly proved us wrong on that count.

He actually looks better at senior level than he does at VFL.


I’m not as convinced as others. His offensive stuff is fine, but defensively he got caught out a few times last night. Wouldnt be locking him in round 1, would need another solid hit out agai st geelong imo to be in contention


I tend to agree with you, I don’t know whether he could lock down a small forward and he is probably another 12-18 months away from being strong enough to compete with the taller forwards.

He could play as a HBF but he’d be behind a few atm


Played really well last night. How are we going to fit all these defenders into our side??


I don’t think we have any other legit option for his spot at this stage unless we put a mid back there. Both gleeson and Redman are not ready.


play him on the wing who can go to the back half