#14 Jordan Ridley


I want to see Zerk play next.


I loved his game.
But hit the weights? He has a Dean Laidley rig.


He’s no Donnington


Agreed. His contested work needs to get a bit stronger, and with Hooker, Hurley and Francis locks, he would need to play on genuine crumbers most weeks, which I’m not sure is his forte.

On the outside he looks very polished and neat. Certainly knows how to get on the end of it and is a very nice kick.

I think he needs to get a bit bigger and stronger overhead so he can play on a lead-up type player before he can secure a best 22 defensive position. But he looks very promising indeed.


He looks like a tank compared to when he arrived at the club. he was concave!


The guy is going to be an absolute unit once he’s fully developed


He’s no Adam Saad


just put him on the wing, apparently wingers don’t need to be defensive.


Definitely bigger than when he arrived. And taller than I thought


Saad plays on crumber.

McKenna plays on 2nd genuine small fwd

Ridley plays on resting midfielder

Ordinarily this would be ideal I’d say but players roll in and out frequently. I’d highly doubt Ridley is ever asked to play on designated small fwds for any meaningful amount of time.


Most teams play three genuine small forwards now, so I think he’d be matched up with this type of player fairly often.


Which teams have 3 genuine small forwards?

We have Fantasia, Walla and Bags (if Bags plays, which I think he won’t).

My gut tells me 3 specialist small forwards is highly unusual.

West coast have Cripps, Rioli and Ryan but 80% of the time one of them is joining the midfield group.


I doubt anyone would want to play a 191cm player on a slippery small forward if they could avoid it.


If we pick the same blokes for JLT2 Geelong, these blokes will need to deal with Parfitt, Menegola, Ablett etc with Dangerfield the resting Mid.


Having Hartley, Hurley, Francis & Ambrose was the problem in JLT 1

Ridley, Saad and McKenna when he finally came on were great

We were too tall in the back line and too tall in the forward line.

Back to Ridley, who also lined up on the wing for some center bounces. Lock him in, he plays every game (fitness permitting)


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Pretty sure these are all your comments mate.


Reboot, making it all about himself.


Again another bloke that comes into work quite frequently. He has built up a fair amount since we drafted him