#14 Jordan Ridley


Super weird body shape but the kid can play. Think he’s shown plenty over the JLT games and will be a round one lock for sure.


Plays Rd 1. Period.


Dropped a few sitters buts great prospect.
I love that we have found a half back/ winger, desperately needed one.


It’s a yes from me.

wonder where else he can play aside from half back & wing.

Screams utility to me.


Love his tackling.

One of the few that could wrap up a player and ran down that potato Rohan as well when everyone else seemed to ■■■■■ themselves in his presence.

Two really impressive pre-season games.

Should play round 1.


Will definitely play round 1


Has composure. Can kick. Has height. Has sufficient speed.

A lot to like.


One word



yep, plays. didn’t think he’d be best 22 for Round 1 but a certainty.


Dodoro mentioned that he could be the best of his draft year, when we were deciding to pick him or not.

I see every bit of that.


I have seen Ridley as mainly an rebounding player in his first 2 seasons, but he has made big improvements in his contested work and his body is enabling it at AFL level, so he gets the nod for Round 1 from me.


Looks and plays like a young Enright.


A lock for Round 1 surely. Best performed over the 2 weeks. His kicking is elite and he has a nice side step. Love it


More confidence in him than Hurley at the moment - love the way he goes about it. Plays round 1 for mine.


Becoming integral.


Loved him from day one.
Although I still don’t know what sort of player he’s actually going to be.


He plays round 1 for sure, just super composed and smart.
His confidence in the air will grow and him and Francis will be intercept weapons.

Can see the opposition trying to get him one out deep in the 50 which is his concern with a light frame.


Andrew Embley is kind of how I envisage him eventually…tall winger with strong marking ability.


Get him up on the wing. One of the few on our list who doesn’t panic and kick blindly. Playing in our forward line would be the pits with our panic merchants continually bombing it in


Nah, that’s the grass.