#14 Jordan Ridley


if JLT is anything to go by, id have him over Zaharakis.


He did look pretty comfortable further up the ground.


Love his lateral movement. Plenty to be excited about with this kid.


Loves playing against Geelong. Right from his debut in the country game last year.


Must play Round 1.


Yep. That’s my preference too.
Would add some height, runs well, and delivers the ball very nicely.
Natural winger for mine.


Certainly cemented a R1 slot.


I have mentioned this about Langford too. He has all 3 things you just mentioned. I think it’s worth at least a try


I agree. But i think right now we need him in defence. With Hooker, Gleeson, Redman all coming back from injury soon he could move up the ground.


Want Ridley and Heppell to share the defensive wing / half back position (Heppell to still play some inside mid minutes). They’re both calm and make good decisions - Ridley has Hepp for kicking damage though.


Seems to be really close with BZT, can’t wait for them to hold down the backline for the next decade.

Nickname: Rids

Greatest individual effort you have seen on the footy field: James Stewart’s game-winner

A player from another team you would love to play with: Buddy

How many games of footy do you watch each weekend? One to two

Your favourite TV football show: Front Bar

Favourite commentator: Brian Taylor

Favourite meal the night before a game: Pasta

Which teammate should appear on the next series of The Bachelor? Matt Guelfi

Teammate most likely to succeed after football: Dylan Clarke

Which teammate belts out your club theme song with the most gusto? Brandon Zerk-Thatcher

Favourite Netflix series: Gossip Girl

Do you play Fortnite? Yes

Favourite comedian: Kevin Hart

Favourite animal: Dog

Your favourite possession: Car

Best gift you have received: Xbox

If you won Tattslotto, what is the first thing you would buy? Private island

Your favourite holiday destination: USA

The most famous person you have met: Brandon Zerk-Thatcher

The most famous person you would like to meet: Kobe Bryant

Dream job if you weren’t a footballer: NBA player

Dream place to live in the world: New York

The funniest/weirdest thing that has happened to you: Ask BZT

What scares you? Heights

What is the one talent you wish you had? Superpowers


We don’t talk about Nick Hind any more.


What a comedian Riddler is.


Hes thinking 2 years ahead when hes our star CHB


Heard from a good contact he has been told he’s in round 1. Take it to the bank


Are there any Blitz posters who don’t have him in for Round 1?


Been very good through JLT and opportunity knocks with Gleeson and Redman not ready for senior selection.


Don’t tell KFC… it’ll effect the panic dollars odds.


This guy is going to be one hell of a footballer. I hope he gets into the squad.
He offers so much versatility and can play in the middle.

He is one our more underrated youngsters.


Team announcement thread for Rd 1.

‘Rd 1 team - Woosh throws up Riddles, goes Br. Zerk’

Awww, Dad…