#14 Jordan Ridley


I rate him higher than those two allready, looks to be a very good player. If he stays injury free he will be firmly inside the best 22 prettt quickly.


So with Remdan and Gleeson off the injury list next week and playing a practice VFL match, there’s going to be some tough competition for spots. Riddles will have to be on his game.


He looks the part. They may play different roles but he’s an upgrade on Gleeson who I think is a bit soft (based on his reluctance to tackle / put his body on the line)


If anything he offers less in the contested work than Gleeson. (who is definitely not soft btw)


Gleeson actually tackles more than Hooker, Hurley and Conor.
Are you calling Conor soft?
To his face?
Go on I dare you!

Also repeatedly backs into packs for marks or making a contest. Coaches like Marty for a reason.


Love it, think he looks good. And I also think he was very stiff to be rested after two to three good games last year then never brought back in.


Ridley is the form player & should be given the opportunity ahead of a recovering and fragile Gleeson.

Gleeson’s best is pretty good though - his intercept marking and his courage are a thing to behold, given his shape even more notable.

I just think that Ridley will prove that he can do everything Gleeson can, but then some and in a mans body.

I for one think that Ridley’s ceiling is much higher than Gleeson.
Gleeson though when fit has a role to play across half back. I can see Ridley becoming a talk mid or genuine utility an upgrade on Guelfi


Ridley has earned the spot, great for him to get a chance to cement it like redman did last year.

I have no doubt if redman beats the door down in the first few round they can move Ridley to the wing and have both in the side.


Having watched the Collingwood - Tigers game last night I am more and more convinced that our side needs better ball users.

Wooshas decision to drop one of our cleanest ball users is becoming more and more shortsighted by the day.


I wish our kids got as many chances as some of our more experienced players.


Jordan “scapegoat” Ridley


We had the chance to pick two great ball users a few years ago and picked neither, Clug and Witherden.


Those type of selections determine if your going to be a top 8 or top 2 side at peak
I know someone who trained at the club In recent years and was surprised at how poor our kicking skills were, you don’t win flags with poor kicks and to drop Rids after the form he has showed is embarrassing.


McGrath-McCluggage both similar with skills
Ridley-Witherden also similar in skills

Not sure what your on about


By my eye Clug is a better kick of the footy than McGrath. Ridley and Witherden are both good kicks, Witherden just gets it more and slightly more incisive.


This is the @Finding_Nino theory. We should have recruited every player in the afl


I agree Clug is a slightly better kick but McGrath has other attributes so I’m happy with that choice.

If Ridley was given as much opportunity as Witherden has received then who knows how much better he would be.


Injury free and in good form, you think now would be the perfect time for that opportunity, i wonder what Woosha has asked him to go back to the VFL and work on.


Apparently nothing right? Team balance was the reason given. We’ll see when we match up against a taller forwardline again if that’s the case.


I go to almost all VFL games and Ridley doesn’t actually shine at VFL level in my opinion.

His best work has actually been at AFL level where his reading of the play and beautiful distribution come into play.

He strikes me as player that will develop far better at AFL level than VFL.