14 Jul 17 - Bombers v Saints - Two wins in July, be still my beating heart!

Walla warms up to the beat.

Mr Football was back on game against the Sainters.

Buckets showed the contested marking we had seen during his time as a Bomber and was probably their best player.

Despite being jumped all over by Big Joey for mark of the year.

And then drills the goal, to really rub it in.

Hurls spoils the mark and towels up another poor sap.

Myers extracts the ball from the contest and gets the handball away. His strength around the contest is so important to us.

Pops Kelly had another blinder of a game. Will he or won’t he go around again next year.

Hooksy was strong over the ball all night. He, Big Jim and Big Joey are starting to cause coaches a lot of headaches.

Hurls just keeps on getting better. Contested marking, intercept marking, spoiling, tackling, blind spins through traffic. He was showing the form that has him as a lock in for the AA team and a strong favourite for the Crichton.

BJ clocks up a win against his old team and clocks up 100 games for the Bombers!

Buckets gets a rare spoil on Big Joey.

JoeDan showed his agression at the ball and man in this great collision and tackle against Jack Steven. (Two first names, FFS.)

Carlisle gets the ball away before being wrapped up by Colyer.

Ol’ Crazy Eyes Hickey attempts a handpass before being tackled by Pops.

Dois cops the knee to the nads as Carlisle spoils the mark.

Myers is so strong at the stoppage that it requires two Saints to tackle him, but he still gets the handball away.

Big Joey takes another big grab for his next goal.

Celebrating with Greeny

And then the two finger tap with Walla

We have a number of players who are capable of full beast mode now. So good to watch.

Mr Football shows Steven how to play.

Hooksy competes for a mark with Carlisle

Zaka celebrates his snap at goal with Big Jim, after the quick hands from the big fella put Zaka into space to curl one through.

Harts marks with his finger tips at the front of the pack.

And pulls it down despite the pressure from Hickey.

Hooker can’t pull the mark in with Brown all over his back.

But this time it is a CLUNK!

Hurls gets a perfect spoil in to stop Rooey in front of goal, or maybe he was just trying to take his head off but missed.

Bird attacks the marking contest.

Almost steals it.

Big Joey loves the rough stuff in and around the stoppage. He is like 200cm midfielder with his attack and speed with the ball.

Zaka puts the fear of Greek Gods into his opponents.

Mr Football hits his target with another handpass out of the contest.

Hurls in full beast mode.

Brushes opponents away with ease.

Darcy handballs under pressure.

Woosha tells the boys to keep it up.

Big Joey with another goal.

Green gets to the ball in front of Steven to keep it moving forward for the Bombers. What is with those expressions?

It always takes two to try and tackle Myers.

Baggers comes to grips with the ducking player.

McGrath tackles Steele.

Zach rolls onto the trusty left to ping another pass into the corridor.

Hurls clears the ball away from another failed Saints forward thrust.

Then rolls forward to kick a nice goal.

Belly kicks another couple of goals.

Together with his taps to advantage

Pulling in marks

And his aggression at the man and ball he had a great game. Hard to see Leueny getting back in at this rate.

Hooksy kicks the goal from beyond the arc. Never in doubt.

Another mark for BJ.

McGrath gets the perfectly timed spoil in to stop Gresham. His spoil and smoother in the second quarter will be shown this week as the attitude we need to bring for the rest of the year.

This picture sums up the Saints night perfectly.

Hooksy stops Reiwoldt from getting the handpass away.

Heppell gets the over the shoulder handball going despite being tackled.

Walla celebrates a goal.

Colyer celebrates with Big Jim after a pin point 50m pass from him led to a run-away goal.

Walla pulls in a contested mark in front of Montagna, before handing it off to Myers.

Myers finally gets the hoof working to sink the last goal for the game.

Myers tells the Saints to read the scoreboard.

The horizontally challenged lady has sung.

Seb Ross is upset that he wasn’t tagged, because that is what was supposed to happen.

Richo was in awe of the mighty Bombers

Belly tells Carlisle that at least people will forget about that other time he got stood on for goal of the year.

Carlisle is not happy with that.

Asks Zaka if he can come back.

Hepp comes over and says, “Yeah, nah! Have a footy instead.”

Happy days.

High fiving fans on the boundary.



Impressive array of photos. Thanks

Good job. Thanks Warlock.

That top one of TippaWalla, is great, captures the person and not just the footballer.

Can someone photoshop a bright pink pointy hair-metal guitar instead of the footy? That is an O face.

Great set of photos. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks WP. Always look forward to seeing these - love the comments too! Fantastic!

Happy David Myers makes me happy.

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That Green expression- looks like he is in Full Metal Jacket or Hacksaw Ridge yelling “SIR YES SIR!!!”

Great way of telling a story of the game.

You could make comic books :smile:

Raz getting a bit of mid game action there…

Desparate to find out what the big boys do.