#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


Doing one-twos on the wing.

Runs like a crazy person to get that overlap second touch.


He has definitely upped his output in the sessions I have seen lately. In particular he is going for mad agressive tackles almost approaching Nick Kommer intensity.

This seems to be a common theme at training; I saw Bags offload Greeny after he kicked a goal, there’s no nicey nicey it’s just training. The players know they need to HTFU.


Keep going I’m almost there…


I found it disappointing, because he was ■■■■ and I like Carlton being ■■■■




Frankly, the “look at his TAC form” line is about as relevant as the “look at his AFL form last year” line, given he spent 3 months in a boot, not running, and then almost straight in to the side.
No one has anything substantial to reference in terms of how good, or otherwise, he’ll be, or the type of player he’ll be. We’re all guessing, including anyone saying he’s overrated and anyone saying he’s underrated.
My guess is he’ll be very good long term, but may not get a lot of games this year. But it’s only a guess.





Surely the more amazing part of that video is that the jenga tower* stayed intact

*the jenga tower that seems to have players faces on it for some reason


Barwon Heads is way too close to Geelong for my liking. When I saw a new post in this thread, I was holding my breath a little


Tight hamstrings will be wheeled out to explain his inability to perform in the intra. Well thats fair enough, but why play him at all ?

When he was in the game in the 1st half he didn’t read the game well, or get to the good spots to receive or win the ball.

No where near best 22 at the moment, guys like Langford, Myers, Begley, Redman are all ahead of him.
Lav’s needs a good run in the 2s before he breaks into the team.


Agree i was very disappointed after the pre season he has put in so far that he barely got near it playing in the midfield. Hope he impresses in the jlt. Glad the coaches have given him a go in the centre though.


LAV has ALWAYS looked good on the track, yet delivered little. Still plenty of time before round 1 to push for a spot, the JLT will be important


So I get that Laverde was pretty disappointing in the intraclub.

But I’d be certain he is still in front of Redman.


I’m not planning in reading too much into a first intra club match - positive or negative.


For me it’s hard to know what to make of these types of matches. If one part of our game dominates over another is that because we are really good at that aspect or are we weak at negating that aspect? For me I take away from intraclub games their skills and focus: hitting targets. Taking marks. Kicking goals. Caring enough to do the 1%. Following the game plan, and following your allocated instructions. Not getting injured.

The JLT games will tell us more when we are no longer playing with ourselves.


It’s just a talking point lads. It’s been a long off-season. Might as well put down your thoughts and document the journey.

This website has been built on reading too much into too little.

We’ll all change our minds next week anyway.


The blokes up at AFL House have been playing with themselves for many years.


For the panic merchants, my sources* say he was doing some extra training last Wednesday at Aberfeldie Park with Mr Hooker. Which admittedly tells us nothing about his current status.

*in this case, guy I work with


He got into the seniors last yr on the back of a couple strong games up forward with plenty of goals.

Love him to get in with some consecutive 20+ possession games.