#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


I really like him as a player and I’m excited by the amount of dangerous forwards we have in our side who can also pinch hit in the midfield.

The bloke just needs some continuity and luck with injuries - if that happens though, I think he’ll be an absolute weapon.

The one concern is still with his set-shots though, IMO.

He still tends to miss a lot of “easy” shots when the pressure is on - it’s a different mindset when you’re crumbling quickly without time to think, or you’re taking a pot shot from the boundary line, where no one is really expecting you to kick the difficult goal.

Really needs to start regularly nailing those 30-35m out regulation shots, though.

If he can stay fit and get that aspect of his game right, he’ll cement himself in the best 18 in no time.


Has the perfect build for modern football. Just got squeezed out of my votes from last night, but it was not an easy decision to make, another day l might have put him in, as he deserved it. Against Post e was our catalyst and set up the win early. We were never going to lose after that first quarter and he was the one who got the ball rolling our way. Should have kicked a bigger bag.


Get him fit, play him in the guts.

String, Lang and LAV beastin’ clearances til the early morn…


I’m glad you don’t run this club. No way.


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Hotter than Guelfi in summer


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Does he play midfield in the VFL finals? Hope so… keep building that running power.


Would like to see him drop 5kg and become a mobile hff and winger. Good game though


Fantastic body hey CJ, YOU LIKE?


Would like to see him produce for 4 qtrs. Will need to see this next year. Time is running short.


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I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto.




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Setting aside the definitive tone of MUST… It’s actually a pretty good idea, all be it far more ruthless than we would ever pursue. Gonna be a lot of guys in and around the mark next year competing for the same spot and given his injury history and lack of consistent output to date he would be a candidate for trade (especially after demonstrating his trade value on Friday night). Sounding like he’ll be staying though.


Haven’t heard anything on Laverde for a few days. I saw a photo where he attended Francis’ birthday with a few of the other boys. Hoping someone has heard some news on what’s delaying his contract?


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