#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


Saw the big unit today. Gee hes a big boy


He has been seen recently in appropriate company.


I would absolutely love it, if Lav, Langford, Ridley, Francis, Stringer, Begley, Connor, Raz, Walla and whoever else Dodoro ever said that they might be able to play midfield, end up being a part of our regular midfield rotations.

It’s obviously already started to happen, and the reason that Harvey identified on CJ’s podcast for our 3rd quarter fadeouts disappearing was the number of players who could do midfield rotations.

If we can keep all these players, and get them all fit and strong enough, we are going to bat so deep in the back middle and forward lines it will be truly awesome.


He’s a good size isn’t he BT?


He’s luscious, isn’t he BT?


Never go full Donnington


Right at the back of the group because he’s planning on leaving without anyone noticing.


Hepp’s got him covered though.


Good to see little Davey Warner joining in the larks at the front there


Okay, which one’s Jake Brady?

Langers with a smile. Keep it that way lad.




Injury-plagued Bomber edging closer to new deal

Callum Twomey

Jayden Laverde being held up by his team mates because he is so injury prone…

JAYDEN Laverde looks set to stay at Essendon, with the former top-20 pick edging towards a new deal with the club.

Laverde, who kicked three goals in the Bombers’ final-round win over Port Adelaide, is out of contract but is believed to be getting closer to a two-year extension.

It would tie him to the Bombers until the end of 2020.

Laverde has been struck by injury throughout his four-year career in the AFL, with hamstring troubles restricting him to just seven senior appearances this season.

He was heavily pursued at the end of 2016 when he last fell out of contract, with St Kilda leading the charge, and he has again attracted interest this year.

The Bombers are yet to lock away a number of their players for next year.

Improved forward Shaun McKernan, who has been on one-year deals in his four seasons at Essendon, is likely to be rewarded for his strong season in attack with a two-year contract and an upgrading to the senior list.

The parties are close to agreeing to terms for an extension for the former Crow, having started negotiations further apart.

Discussions over James Stewart’s contract have been ongoing throughout the season, but the club is understood to have recently settled on the terms for a deal expected to run until the end of 2020.

Talks are also underway for Michael Hartley to extend his stay at Essendon, with the backman considered more likely to remain.

Forward Mitch Brown, defender Matt Dea, small goalkicker Josh Green, rookie Ben McNiece and midfielder Jake Long are among the club’s out of contract players.

Matthew Leuenberger’s three-year deal at Essendon has come to an end after he crossed from the Brisbane Lions.

The ruckman managed only two senior appearances this season, including in the final game against Port Adelaide when he injured his calf, but there has been no movement on a contract for next year and the 30-year-old is a chance to retire.

The Bombers are hoping to again be busy during this year’s trade period, with Greater Western Sydney pair Dylan Shiel and Will Setterfield in their sights, so list spots may be tight for players on the fringe.

The club has already made two list changes, with veteran Brendon Goddard and forward Jackson Merrett informed they wouldn’t be offered new deals for 2019.


More good news. The club sees what is in front of them and are keen to keep him.


at the end of the day i reckon he is a must keep

potential too high to lose.

yes, hes done sfa in the grand scheme of things so far, but I couldnt imagine hed be on big dosh and id prefer him over some 3rd rounder that wed get from him

hope we can find a role for him and he can get some continuity


I’m hiding over the backfence




Still unsure what his best position is yet, he didn’t get many touches on the weekend but he was a fkn beast in contested marking contests.

He is superb when he’s got front position and the ball is kicked above his head, which is rare for a non KP player.

He’s got intensity, physicality, strong above his head, just need to find a way to get him more involved, bit of confidence and game smarts.


He does hit those CHF contested marking situations like a train. Love it.


Is it me or has his kicking style changed though post hammy injuries. Looks really awkward


I think his kicking was always a little overrated on blitz. He seems to undercut the footy a lot and the ball spins heaps and just hangs in the air.

Weird I know, but it’s like he kicks the end of the thing and not the belly of the ball…