#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


I like him as a 3rd tall who can shotgun through the midfield for 20minutes a game.

If he gets confidence in his body and himself he could be a weopon in 1-1 contests. But I’m not convinced we are ever gonna see what he really has to offer.

Hope I’m wrong.


Can he produce a year similar to De Goey in the next two years?


Talent wise I dont think theres any reason why he cant.

Whether there is a spot in the team for someone to play that role/ whether his body holds up is another question.


If he was to have a prominent defining season is that the style of player he would be?


its the only style of player i realistically see him becoming IMO.

I dont think he has the skillset/ body to be a full time midfielder, nor do I think he fits in the team as a permanent forward.

He will be a 50-50 forward/ mid who, when he does play mid, is told to impact stoppages or general play, as opposed to getting involved in linkup play etc… much like what Stringer was doing this year


Yep agree. He’ll never be a full time midfielder


For those that said laverde didnt have a great game in the VFL final, I thought he was handy.
He got us off the mark early marking kicking truly.
and had a hand in a number of goals, being involved in the chain of play.

Long as well i though had a ok game, including a couple of goal assists inside 50 and good pressure.

Jerrett getting easy goals out the back and Green dominating the air must have annoyed the collingwood VFL supporters there :slight_smile:

Laverde hasnt got Francis potential…in the marking department. But he goes alright body on body and has the potential to kick goals quickly. Not sure if he has the Toe of DeGoey…but if he is up and about could bring the confidence.

Ideally - Degoey/stringer/Laverde all play forward and burst through the midfield as clearance Bulls.

A big test for both of them will be applying defensive pressure…in the forwardline, but they both ahve intent which is good.

I think they are almost the reverse Martin.
I.e Martin mid - rest forward

Lav/String will play forward and come into midfield late in quarters or late in game when midfield tiring.


Just on Long- second quarter half forward flank outer side, should have gone the second effort but was a passive observer from 2 metres away as Port cleared from defence. He doesn’t inspire with that lack of effort.


Port? What game are you talking about?


the port melbourne magpies.


Were you at Port ?


When did Long play against Port?


Few weeks ago


Ah right. Ok.


Injured again.
I rate what this bloke CAN become but fark me, patience must be running thin. Just never gets any continuity.


What is the injury?


A string


The guy has the worst luck.

Hope he gets a good run at it next year.


He seems to switch off far, far, faaaaar too much for a 3rd or 4th year.


On Long he had a brilliant, dominant and influential first quarter. And was amongst our worst players from that point on. Summed up the headache over what to do with him. Has AFL traits, goes missing too often.