#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


Ah damn it. Bad for him and the VFL team.


Body isn’t made for professional sport methinks. Great specimen but won’t hold up for him.


Can’t have outstanding fitness considering amount of injuries.
Never to be tapped vast talent coming up methinks.


Reckon he will be OK tbh. Little to discuss at the moment, so an injury bound to attract attention in dead time on a footy forum. Nevermind that his most serious absences have been through impact injuries.


Pretty sure HAP was talking about Long


To be fair, what suggests he will be okay? Absolutely everything suggests he’ll never have a decent career. His body is fkd


I agree. Trade him now. Hopefully that round 23 performance improved his currency a bit.


They called him Mr Glass





I see.
It appears I had switched off also.


I’m hopeful that Lav turns out to be a Josh Caddy type. Caddy really didn’t do too much in his first few years. He didn’t really come on until his 5th year (3rd year at the Cats).

They play a similar position and have a similar body type (though Caddy has had less injuries).


i think Caddy is much tougher
not sure about Laverde
hope he proves me wrong




How do you say one is tougher than the other when you aren’t sure about the other.


I think I read somewhere that we have a purpose-built room for this.


I mean that I have doubts Laverde will make it
He appears soft and very injury prone
Caddy on the other is hard and tough and a proven big game performer
I would trade Laverde


What has Laverde ever done to appear soft?


just appears not to be a physical type of player
has shown skill though
we need hard tough bodies
look at the Tigers thats why they are so hard to beat
just my thoughts


I thought you’re thoughts are wrong. He’s not dursblet, but soft? noway


How long did Caddy take to get to the level he is at? Not to mention how many clubs…

Laverde needs a lot of work on his kicking for sure. But his marking and strength is similar. Just needs a consistent run at it.

All the injuries he had previous to this year were impact injuries. This year it has been soft tissue. He will get that right.