#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


awesome news.



pls comment.


Sauce ?


the email I got from the club just now…


Good news/
Nice to see you stay Jados.
Now get yourself over these injuries and let’s see what you can do.


Thanks Chops !


Wtf? It will be a miracle and a massive bonus if he gets anywhere near Parker’s level


Important signing. Hasn’t done a lot at AFL level but he’s going to be a vital part of our medium sized brigade.


this. all of ■■■■■■■ this.


Yep, not happening.

But, I reckon a decent run at it and he can be our version of Josh Caddy


Hopefully the footy gods see fit to let the kid have a decent injury free run at it


So he says that he’s looking forward to continuing with the VFL finals. Hopefully that means he’s right to go for this weekend


2 years? WTF?


never mind that… better than Parker one day apparently…


Pleased with that! C’mon Lav - have an injury free 2019 and let us see how good you can be!




Ead pbomber


Wonderful news.

Get fit son, and lets see what you can really do.


If you call Dustin Martin the best modern day footballer.
there are a few that play similar
Dangerfield -good mid and forward
Caddy - good forward, doesnt play mid as much now
Degoey good forward.

We have Stringer, Laverde on our list capable. Also potentially Langford, but I see him as less of a burst player, but also a good mid/forward.

I think its best to develop Laverde and Stringer with more time spent forward 70% and 30% midfield.
We could have a very deep midfield and Dangerous and unpredictable forwardline.


I’m sure the usual tools will be asking if we can still trade him though.