#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


Wondering whether Lav is a bit too muscled up? Are his soft tissue injuries back related? If he is to become a Caddy/DeGoey type he needs to improve his ground level work. Can we put him on a yoga/flexibility program? Litheness is the word I’m looking for.


We will now win every game in 2019.

Bookmark it.


We should just focus on the remaining 2 for this year


Gloomer :slight_smile:


I will admit my bet on the VFL flag at $34 is influencing my judgement


Ahhh Laverde … our very own Franklin!
Cheers, Jayden :slight_smile:


86 goals next year from Lav. :slight_smile:




Not sure if this has any implications re: landing an elite mid in the trade period but in isolation I am thrilled with the news of Lav re-signing.

I really rate his upside and the player he can become with an injury free run.

This pre-season becomes enormously important for him now.




He’ll play the first 3 games of 2019 before finding some way to hurt himself for 6+ weeks. I have very little faith in his body can stand up to the rigours of AFL

I think it’s the right decision to re sign him in the small hope he can do something, as we’re probably in a position to have 1 spot in a guy like him. but he can consider himself very fkg lucky to get another 2 years on the back of nothing but “what could be”


Has his value increased now we signed him?


Not sure Lavender will play enough to achieve that.


Gotta fkg laugh at how lav should consider himself lucky considering the absolute charity we’ve done for some blitz favourites .


Which were all wrong decisions. What’s your point? Oh we gave jerrett 7 years, fk a contract extension for lav is a no brainer!?!?!

He is lucky. Fk all in 4 years and gets another 2. I’m hoping he does get it all right - he could be a good player. But you don’t agree he’s lucky to get 2 years?


I remember the day we gave Jerrett a 7 year contract. Everyone was up in arms


Yeah that’s up there with best of a ripe bunch today Blitz. ‘Lucky’ should definitely be the kids nickname. Lucky Lav and his sideshow of freak injuries.


Our forward line has been unpredictable for years.


So LAV has had dominant VFL performances when fit this year, including midfield time.
And then when breaks into senior team in final round probably plays his best game for club.

List management decision clearly based on that and obviously what is seen at training.

Club rates him. Probably was getting 3yr offers elsewhere to try and drag him away as other clubs rate him also. So if middle ground from our 1yr initial offer (pre the Port game) is now 2yrs seems ok to me & you back the club in.

It’s literally only injury not talent that has held him back.

And hopefully he can progress to be viable strong bodied inside mid/medium fwd depth for us. If Stringer or Lang get injured he’s def in.


Based purely on his performances in the AFL across his career. He’s extremely lucky to get 2 years.
However, the club has a lot more considerations than that. And when you are taking about a 22yo, ■■■■■■ oath their future potential is a massive factor.
Plus, the club has a lot more information than we do wrt his chances of realising that potential. Such as his performance at training/VFL, attitudes, work ethic, psych, etc. as well as a shed load more info about his injury history/body and whether they can get that right.
Personally, I think he’s more likely to get passed his injury troubles than you think.