#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


I’d be curious to know one of these blitz favourites we’ve done charity for.
I reckon every player who has been given too long isn’t a blitz favourite


@barnz was too scared to mention Myers, who has now justified his 3 year contract from the completion of the suspension !


he hasnt justified anything.


Salami, since when have i not thought myers wasn’t underwhelming.


Not sure if serious, but I gravely hope you’re joking. GRAVELY.




Who’s re-signing is going to get the last part of this?



Lav’s first quarter he played against Port was good. If he can do that on a semi consistent basis he will easily justify the 2 years.


Answer this 1 question for me honestly…

If Myers was given a 2 year deal at the end of the suspensions in October 2016, thus meaning his contract was concluding now, do you think the club would be offering him at least a 1 year deal now into 2019?

That’s all I want you to answer in your honest opinion.


Yes I think he would have. But I think you have to look at the three year deal in totality. For about a season and a bit he was utter garbage. If the next season he performs at the high level he did for about 10 games this season, then I would happily eat my words and the contract in hindsight would be justified.


Thanks for the response, and to get the thread back on track…

I’m very pleased that LAV has 2 more years to show us what he can do.
Talent is there.
I hope we can see some continuity in his football.

Really want to see him for the VFL side on Saturday.


Myers is a favourite now? Basically every thread I go into someone is ■■■■■■■■ on him.

Our are they just the loudest?


That was the last part!




Can someone please post the article about LAV from the HUN?

Thx in advance



Thanks @Bomb_Doe . It just seems like some typical Jay Clark BS.


slow news day


“seen as gettable”
“Theres’ just some whispers in the last 24 hours”

Absolute speculative BS right there.


We’d want 2 first round picks