#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


In a perverse sort of way, a player with injury clouds over him, like Lav, might be more appealing to other teams if the side who knows him best has the faith to give him a 2 year contract.

But like Robert Shaw, I like the idea that we back in our own players to develop and fill the roles we drafted them for, if they haven’t proven they can’t.

It would be a very happy hilarity that if all the players who Jackets has said could develop into midfielders, like Francis, Langford, Ridley, Lav, Redman, etc. do develop as gun midfielders, and we end up with one of the deepest most versatile midfields in the comp.


He’s not going FKN ANYWHERE.

Understand @Jake_Brady_10?


If he wanted more opportunities stop getting farking injured!


That’s already been and gone twice.


I know


I have zero problem with trading this guy


I might be a bit one-eyed but I wouldn’t trade Lav for anything less than an early 2nd rounder. It might be over-valuing him given he’s been injured for most of his 4 year career, but I seriously rate him. If he can get a consistent run at it he will be a top 10 player for us. I am however not super confident he will get over his injuries.


There is no way I would trade him for a 2nd rounder, based on the Port game alone.


I wouldn’t be trading him at all.

Putting aside his potential, his love for the club. etc. It’s terrible look and terrible precedent to set at the club to trade out a bloke that just happily committed to.

“Got give something to get something”. What you get is a group of players that now question the faith they have in the club and coaches now knowing contracts and loyalty mean nothing and resentment towards a newcomer that is the reason why their mate is no longer at the club.

Clubs spend years building a bond and trust between players and coaches, to sacrifice for your team mate. A point I believe the club currently has reached. Simple greed and desperation to get better, faster, can undo all that in one thoughtless trade.


Did we sign him up, just to boost his trade value?

I wouldn’t be trading him for a second round pick, but if he’s the sweetener in a deal that gets us a legit gun… I can understand the thinking.

He’s a talented first round pick, with plenty of upside, who is on the fringes of our best 22.

His name is gonna come up in trade discussions.


Fatten for market in Round 23, contract to increase trade leverage. List management and trading 101.

If somebody is stupid enough to offer us a 2nd round pick for him, which we could then use to help get Setterfield over the line, then I’m taking that and running like a bandit.

No chance in hell this guy is worth a 2nd round pick. I don’t care how talented or athletic he is, he’s played 30 games in 4 years FFS!


This is the only way I see it happening. In no way do we just move him for a pick.

More like: Gun for pick 8 + Lav + Harts

Some clubs demand 2 first rounders but ultimately something like the above would be more beneficial if get players who can immediately impact.

From opportunity point of view … If we bringing in a gun inside mid who can play fwd … which Lav aims to become then he is pushed back in line again & might see it best himself to move.


I’d trade him for a second rounder in a heartbeat.

But I suspect it won’t come to that or won’t be as simple as that. I’d guess it will only happen as part of a deal to get a gun to us.


A non Essendon outsider would not value Lav as an early second rounder, given his injuries woes…that’s the reality of his value. But me, I wouldn’t trade him for anything less than that because I’m a lot more centimental and invested in his career.

There is a slight chance he could be lured for more money and opportunity if we lured another 2 opposition mids.


Then there’s no value in trading him. Why would you give up a player that could very likely bite us in the backside for a crappy pic.

Blitz does this every year.
Last year it was Francis for a third round pick!
The year before was Langford for a third rounder.

On and fricken on.
Next year Blitz will be wanting a 4th rounder for Begley.


Yeah, but Blitz is full of people who think you’ve got to be active trading, even if it’s downgrading. Do something…anything!!!


Dodoro is pretty good with crappy picks


It’s his second rounders I worry about…Steinberg still haunts me, even if the Lunchtime Podcast guys lust after him.

But Ridley and Begley look OK. J Merrett no.


Z.Merrett was pick 26…


That is bizarre