#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


But he was our first pick that year.

I think he likes to go safe with the first pick, and ventures a bit in the second.


The pick also came for a player that wanted to leave.


Poor Lav, recovering from injury- then hears there is a chance he could end up at Carlton…


His dad is doing some construction at my work: saw my Stand By Hird poster and approved. Confirmed Jayden has slimmed down a bit.


Massive Laverde fan still. I’m excited because I think he is a ‘sleeper’ in our emerging armory of young stars. I can understand the perceptions given what he has produced so far, but I am sticking with my gut feel on this one. Often think he gets judged very harshly based on his lack of production in games- when what he actually does do is often smart and damaging (I acknowledge he drifts out of games currently).

He is also underrated in his forward line pressure for a bloke his size - grits teeth, pursues defenders and tackles with intent - good physical presence in general. I like the idea of him slimming down slightly too. The best is yet to come for Jayden.


The guy has just kicked a black cat face first into a mirror.

He’s played seriously good games in both the 1s and 2s and has just had some bad luck with injuries… he can play, the only thing holding him back has been fitness. You don’t forget how to play good footy and his durability may not be an issue with better management.

We’ve persevered with Myers’ injuries for a lot longer than Lav - he’ll get a run at it soon.


Maybe when he’s 29 he’ll win the most improved award at the best and fairest.


I rate him.

He’s still on the list which is more than you can say about the pick before Blaine Boekhurst.

Fark Carlton.


Yeah i rate him too. Just being a smart ■■■■.



Time for a change to the thread title.

#15 Jayden Laverde - isn’t Superstitious


Keeping 15 green


Go get 'em, Jayden.


Good little story. Shows why numbers in Australian football are important and to an extent why names on jumpers aren’t a good idea.

Good to see that you’ve got to write a pitch to the coach in order to move into Toorak.


You will have to prepare a case for that title change, work with a wordsmith to sharpen up your wording, grammar and spelling then you can submit it to Blitz management for approval.


Let go of him at your peril.
Well just a little bit of peril.


It shows that?



Number 15 has generally been reserved for rovers and wingers since the late 50s, i.e. recent memory.

Dempsey, Michael Prior and RFK have been the most robustly built.

Others include Alby Murdoch, Don Gross, Wayne Otway, Geoff Burdett, Wayne Primmer, Alan Ezard, Mark Alvey…all little fellas.


I thought it was shortly after this that your memory started to fail?


To be fair, that is not long after he moved into the retirement village