#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green





P.S. If you go back to the “first day video” you’ll see three of the newbies sitting at the 31, 32 and 33 lockers. Make of that what you will.

(31=Mosquito, 32=Gown, 33=Ham; Jok not shown.)


From the article:

I first presented my case for a change to Matt O’Hanlon, who heads up the club’s football operations and compliance. Matt helped me with a proposal I sent to Dan Richardson and John Worsfold…

Yikes. #governance


Interesting that hr decided to write an article rather than having an video interview; 'twas rather refreshing


From that list of previous No. 15’s, the other common aspect I remember is a distinct lack of sensible haircuts.
Wild and woolly would be the defining style, with a couple of exceptions.

Is Laverde planning on letting himself go?


I was ready to begin a new chapter in life and footy. This meant moving out of home, having a strong off-season

Um, just floating this, and please don’t take offence any millennials who are still living at home with facial hair, but having to look after yourself is a big step toward becoming an adult. I’m glad Jayden is an adult this year, may he blossom on field without the comfort of knowing he can rest in the ever welcoming bosom afterwards if things go wonky. Wow!


No one will want number 33 now. Pity the poor bugger who gets it.


I suspect his relatives are blaming the winds around the Hanger giving him un colpo d’aria. And if he hasn’t dried his hair properly before going out then he only has himself to blame.


ha wat



Who would want it? It’s two Gumbletons


Noah Caracella?




MO33IE Retire it now! Hmm, 3’s don’t really look like Z’s do they. It looked better in my head than it does in text.


If he doesnt get a gig round 1 in the AFL team.
I would like to see him play big midfield minutes in the VFL with his increased tank.


What utter overkill and nonsense… It’s a ■■■■■■ number change ffs!


Glen Hawker
Adam McPhee
Blake Carracella
Andy Wilson

All over 100 games
3 great players


Would you rather no numbers on the jumper. ? Why not they mean farck all in your opinion.
FFS it means everything, it’s the players signature and shows me how much passion the kid has for the jumper. If he really wanted a change of luck and scenery he’d have left the club by now. Look how well the change for Nathan Freeman was by switching to St Kilda.

Laverde needs achange in luck and he will be best 22 he has the talent for it. If it’s a change in number that does it for him then why not.



It could be a big deal if the club felt there was marketing implication


You missunderstood… It’s overkill what he had to do to change numbers is what I meant.


I’m torn by hawker going to and from Carlton.
Fark thy