#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


Ok sorry I misunderstood your point. I also agree the requirements do seem over the top and it is most likely spin by the club. Anyway I think most of us are all looking forward to seeing him in the starting 22.


I think you need a proper process to manage numbers and number changes, to ensure there is a good reason for a change. A change in number also means a change in locker position, which may be important to coaches in having certain players together. And there’s the history of who played for it etc.


MO22IE is available

Give Gown #20 and we have the 3 gippy boys all sitting in a row


Who’s to say he had to do that?
Maybe that’s just what he did.


Hawker was pushed by Sheedy and Hawker was okay with it.
It was basically, ‘we know you’ve only got a couple of years left, they’re gonna pay you a shedload more than us, and we’ll do well out of a trade ‘(#12 and #26, which was excellent. Wasn’t Hawker’s fault we picked spuds).

There’s no need to feel torn about Hawker.

He was a dual premiership, 200 game player who missed a Brownlow by two votes, and did the right thing by the club when he was tapped on the shoulder.


Lav has totally done a seagull on the seagull.


I’m assuming McPhee isn’t one of the three “great players”.


Yep was going to say it’s a stretch to call him a great player as he had one great year. It’s a shame I remember him for some of his absolutely diabolical decision making though.


Summons up his best Foghorn Leghorn voice “it’s a joke son”


Andy Wilson was a good player in our dark days though.


Crichton Medals in the 70s, 80s, and 2000s.
And Caracella was obviously pretty handy, too.
Seems like a pretty good number to me.
Still, not saying Laverde shouldn’t have changed if he wanted to.


Yes young man,I did see the obvious, but thought I’d be a bit subtler with “three great players” and the history of 33.
Although most Blitzers won’t have seen Andy Wilson play - an underrated gem of a typically tough Essendon rover.


33 - Total number 6
15 - Total number 6

He should have picked some other number, as numerology wise, he hasn’t changed it much. :slightly_smiling_face:


I like it. There is a sense of focus and drive in the article which bodes well. Rest him against Geelong and hope his luck holds.

The more selection headaches the better I say.


I don’t mind that so much as him being half ess half fc by his own admission.



They probably gave him more money for 20 odd games than we gave him for 200!


Gonna explode in 2019 and do a reverse Ivan Drago from Rocky IV.

Started off getting knocked around,but will end up kicking ■■■■.


He was a ripping player Glenn Hawker. Beautifuly balanced, great mover and a fantastic kick off both sides. He was probably our most skillfull player of the great 80s teams. In 1986 he was at the height of his powers, we called him “brownlow” from the early rounds, he eventually lost to by 2 votes to Dippa and Williams. The centre line of Hawker/Baker/Neagle was a thing of great beauty.


Dippa and Diesel, best but far from fairest. Agree with all of the above. He had a unique running style as well, he held the ball really low, just above his knee, which aided his balance and meant he could always get a kick away. These days he would be considered too skinny.


im not superstitious but i 100% believe he plays geelong again not only is his career over, but his future too.