#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


I wouldn’t worry, the Geelong game is in round 7. He’ll be injured by then anyway.


I reckon he plays against the Cats, gets through it uninjured and the monkey is off his back.
Then, no holding him back.


Very fast he was Andy and a consistent
above average player in a below average team


Gun tennis player too, from memory.

Wimmera player from the zone…Warracknabeal?


Do in season games count, or are all his Geelong injuries in the preseason?


Pretty sure he got injured in season against Geelong in 2016


Not sure sorry


Yeah he did, i think his shoulder perhaps.


Hasn’t been much action in this thread lately.

anyone got an opinion on this fella?


I just hope they rest him from JLT 2.


How about that Begley fella. He’s going to be a ripper


I still have very high hopes for big boy.


Not sure why the argument is the need and want for him to be a midfielder.
We still have 6 years + for the following midfielders; Heppell, Zerrett, Smith, Shiel, Langford, Parish, McGrath. 7 players already pretty much cemented into starting 22. Then you have fringe/ youth of Guelfi, Clarke, Mutch and Mynott. For the time being we also have Myers and Zaka at our disposal.
I look at that starting 7 mainstayers I’ve listed and don’t see the need of another attacking mid but a defensive mid. Players that come to mind outside the 4 fringe/ youth options are Redman, McKenna and Ridley. Hell id rather see Gleeson playing as a defensive mid/wing then an attacking Laverde mid.

The vacant spot currently and most likely for the next 6 seasons is on a half forward flank. 190 cm, strong, good hands, decent field kick. I’d rather see Laverde owning half forward like Adelaide’s Lynch, Richmond’s Caddy and/ or Melbourne’s use of Vandenberg and Melkshem. All hard at it, fit, low but effective possession types, marking and tackle ability pseudo midfielders.


Laverde offers height and talent in the mid / fwd rotations. Most of our mids are midgets, we need tall blokes to balance that out. The club has played him every opportunity that he’s been fit enough. There is zero chance we get through the year with our best 22 on the park each and every week so Laverde will play games if only to cover injuries. He’s going to be hungry, expect presence when he finally gets his midfield time this year.


It’s clear that the club wants as many players who can rotate between the forward line and the midfield as possible. A player with Laverde’s attributes is perfect for that, if he can get some physical continuity into his game. It’s doubtful he’ll ever be a fulltime midfielder, but then again there’s only a handful on the list that are or will be, given the way the current setup works


If anything, being a dedicated full time mid is a weakness as you can’t rotate into another role. I think we want flexibility from all players, keep throwing fresh legs at the contest and rest those who are tiring in less strenuous positions. With limitations on rotations, this is critical.

Also, the traditional roles like HFF, wing ect are basically starting positions nowadays. The structures have become far more complex than the crowd can really understand and follow. Saying someone is a traditional HFF or whatnot isn’t overly relevant to what I see of modern structures.


You’re only as good as your last game.


Hes a fkg forward. Nothing else


If he gets his body (and his head) right, I reckon he’s going to surprise a lot on here with how versatile he is.

Best I’ve seen him play was in the VFL late last year as a mid, and the idea of Stringer and Lav swapping with each other between the centre and the forward line is a bit tantalising.


I’m all for adding more blokes to the midfield rotation, although my guess is that he’ll still spend most of his time forward (and likely play his best footy there).

My question is: does he have the polish and quick hands to be that bigger-bodied, contested midfielder we want? Unsure.

He’d be great to throw in there for a few minutes a quarter through, perhaps rotating with Stringer & Langford between mid/fwd.