#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


So precisely what plenty on here said about Langford this time last year?
You may be right, but pretty limited body of work to be so conclusive. Still plenty of development left in him.


I just want him to put 10 games straight together without getting injured. Dont give a ■■■■ where he plays.


Considered to have more upside than Degoey when they were drafted by many. A better athlete. Haven’t seen his elite leap or explosiveness at the top level. Could be devastating. I’m tipping him to deliver this year. Will be a serious player. Stage is set.


Gee those people turned out to be bad judges


I had DeGoey at 6 and Laverde at 10


He showed his leap once in a game against geelong, it was immediately followed by the explosivness of his shoulder


Do we though? I’m not really sure having someone in the midfield 190cm+ is a prerequisite. We’ve already got Hep and The, plus Stringer demonstrated that he was quite capable in there by season’s end. I’m not a fan of having him in there just because he’s tall.

Edit: I forgot about the protector of the kids too, Mr. Myers!


What I think we need are guys that can catch it overhead and create a threat forward which invariably(but not always) correlates with height. That’s the one weakness our midfield has. We just don’t have a group of players (with exception of Stringer) that can roll forward with equal ability on the ground and in the air. As an example Collingwood in 2019 will roll De Goey, Beams, Sidebottom, through there. All who will threaten. The other piece is that added height gives you further marking options during stationary play further up the field where space is hard to find. For that reason I think Laverde and say a Ridley would be great to have as an inside/outside options who would provide us with greater versatility and marking power. And I also think we need to ask more of Langford, Myers and Hepppell to become forward line threats, but also genuine outlets in the field of play (Hep already does that well, the other guys less so).
I often look at the 2000 side. Everyone was good overhead or could find space brilliantly to get it on the lead… and all were about 6ft 2… ! Through the midfield Blumfield was a gun overhead, Heffernan very solid, Misiti strong, The jets in Hird, Mercuri (played much much taller), Caracalla was just clever in the contest…


Maybe he’s not 100% needed in the best 22 for 2019 with everyone fit. But players will get injured, Myers will retire in the next 2 years and there’s a realistic chance he forces his way in through output alone.


Don’t get me wrong, if he’s good enough by all means play him there.


l wouldn’t call Sidebottom a tall marking option, not even a medium tall. He makes up for lack of height with smarts.


He looks really fit and after 4 preseasons, he now has a rig to play consistently in the 22.

I dont see him other than a Forwrd player with burtsts in the midfield.

Only injuries and attitude will keep him out of the side.


or… you know…other players that are better. He’s got to show big improvement on his previous output to be best 22. Hopefully the improved fitness is all he needs




I am scared to open this thread when I see 15 plus new posts


We haven’t played Geelong yet


And not even any puns…or grammar lessons…or ways of addressing mates.


Noonan and I remember John Towner wearing 33.


Vaguely…and Bruce Armstrong.


You don’t have to worry about it till JLT, it there he will do a major injury.