#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


hes a unit.



Was impressive tonight. Only played 1 half and got 10 disposals with 100% efficiency (including a goal) plus 5 tackles.


I’m putting my dollars on him over Langford. Comparing them based on size and time they were drafted. He just needs an uninterrupted season


6 disposals.


6 disposal and got 55 of those dream team or SuperCoach points. Langford has 17 and got 54.


Buried a carnt too, slightly late it was


Still have no idea where he is best suited. None.


That’s great. I was just pointing out he got 6 disposals not 10. Didn’t compare him to anyone.

I thought he was pretty solid. 5 tackles was a very good sign. Still not convinced he’s best 22.


Thought he was good way more tougher and quicker as mid than Langford,Langford is better suited at the at HF/wing,


Oh my lordy


Really like him as a half forward who can push up the ground and provide that link up target - I’d play him similar to Adelaide’s Tom Lynch.


I think he should play middle I would have Langford HF


Oh yeah. I’d scrolled down and added disposals and kicks.

Still, he had a presence and intensity that was lacking from most of our team and was easily top 10 for us. Will be an absolute wrecking ball.

Sure he only had to play a half (so could spend his tickets quicker) but so did some other guys like Merret who had no impact despite only having limited minutes.


For any game against Geelong he is best suited to watching from the stands (and thus avoid serious injury).


This is an excellent post. Deserves more likes.

One thing I clearly remember from that time was just how good all the players were overhead. So many of them were top quality markers of the ball. Clean hands, one grab & they were off. They could also kick the pill & loved kicking goals on the run. We had unlimited scoring options.


Watch the last game of the season

Get this cvnt IN round 1. PLEASE. Talent to burn




Been around the world


Laverde needs to play round one. Brings some additional Mongrel to the forward line.


And with Daniher down, a forward line built around Brown and Smack will need that extra bit of height and leading patterns inside forward 50 up to the wings. He’d also add to the midfield rotations which differentiates himself from Stewart.