#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


I’m on the LAV bandwagon. Bring the young lad in. Let him bury Heater in the turf. LAV!


Stringer already does that

Unless Stringer or Langford are out I don’t really see a place for LAV.

He fitted in vs Port end of last year only because we went in with one kpf in Brown only. If Langford in time can transition into Myers spot then LAV could secure a permanent spot.


I think it’s completely illogical to suggest that Daniher’s absence means there is more need for Lav to play.
Smack is a clear like for like replacement for Joe.
Nothing else changes.

Whether Lav plays or not will have nothing to do with Joe’s absence


FF Smack


Depends whether they intended to play Joe plus 1 or Joe plus 2 talls.

If we were gonna play Joe +1 then you’re right, if they were going to structure up with Joe +2 then it would be out of Laverde and Stewart for the vacant 3rd spot.

I don’t include Stringer as a structural tall


I think it’s odd to include Laverde as a tall but not Stringer. Stringer plays taller than Laverde imo


Stringer has never really been a great marking player, his hands have been his biggest issue in his forward craft. I’ve always seen him as a tall small forward, and that’s something that always frustrated my dogs mate when Beveridge had him playing at FF.

Jayden is a Lead-Mark player in the forwardline who presents well up onto the wing as a link up option, his best games in the twos were when he played as a KPF in our very small forwardline and whilst he is undersized he plays as a more traditional ‘tall’


I reckon he’s a confidence player too, as they said in Top Gun, “Keep sending him up”.


I’m not sure continually taking the urine out of Laverde is the best way to build his confidence.


I’d love to see Stringer and Laverde rotating their roles. 1 in the middle swapping with the other in the forward line


This. Both explosive and aggressive - Laverde needs to obviously demonstrate some continuity at AFL level. Could be a great one two combo if Lav can get there.


It is a good way to prevent urinary retention though


I hope his name is on the team sheet next week.








es bueno


Would have at least provided an aerial contest today when we were lobbing it in there. Brings the ball to the ground & could have provided crumbs for both Raz & Walla to have feasted on. Instead, we kicked it on Walla’s head with taller defenders covering him. Bags is cooked, so Lav should be selected & given a run at it, following a solid & injury-free preseason.


Agreed. And not because I traumad him for panic dollars.


Geez he would of been flat when he was told he was left out of squad first up.

Cert to come in this week I would think. Him and a return of Begley at some point should give us far more forward flexibility.