#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


Any word on his injury yet?


New number, same problems.

He should never have been playing in the twos in the first place.


What even is the injury?
Leg? Foot? Nose? Hair out of place?




just delist him had enough of this ■■■■


I think you need a rest again Donnington.

your trolling is becoming obvious again.


Wait when did he hurt himself ? He hasnt played has he?

Hes been listed as an emergency why would they do that if he was injured?


Injured in VFL yesterday along with BZT




Wouldn’t matter if he played seniors. He would still get injured.


He’s in every thread this morning.

The trolling is pretty spot on mimicking. I smile at quite a few of the posts.

I’m thinking possibly hes a Geelong supporter now as he was quite pumped about their offseason rebuild.

More like Carlton though as it would take a high level of boredom and self hatred to spend so much time here trolling for fun.


Really feel for this bloke. Puts in a big preseason - his first full & uninterrupted preseason. Handy performance in the only half of the JLT game he played. That followed up his performance vs Port late last year when he looked awesome. Primed for R1. Ignored by Woosha. Now, injured in a practice game. Keep your head up, Jayden. It may take a while, but you will make it back to the seniors…someday.


I don’t mind weird Donnington but troll Donnington is boring.


Agree. Insane that he didnt get a r2 gig.


Can someone tell me where he played his juniors?

Was speaking to someone who knows his family and was told bar a few cameos he really has no idea how to play forward as he is a natural winger


He’s cooked


mmmm ankle




Spot on.


From memory he was a utility, and he played predominately on the outside sometimes off a HBF sometimes on the wing but the best memory I have of him was off the HFF in the champs I believe.

He does seem like a natural, if undersized key forward, he showed good leading patterns when FF in the twos last year.